MY PARADISE: Take in the scenery at Enoshima Island

Photo by Lauren Hill/Courtesy of Metropolis Magazine
Photo by Lauren Hill/Courtesy of Metropolis Magazine

MY PARADISE: Take in the scenery at Enoshima Island

by: Jamie Chevalier | .
published: December 11, 2012
Editor's Note: Jamie Chevalier found a piece of paradise close to home. Jamie, thanks for sharing your place with the rest of us. Your story will appear in our upcoming Destination Paradise magazine that will hit the streets in late February.

Just a short distance from Yokosuka, Japan, lays an island full of food, beautiful scenery, and fun for the whole family. Enoshima Island ( has something for everyone.

The day that I went, my friend and I had planned to take her daughters to the Enoshima Aquarium. But when we got to the island, we realized there was so much more to see and do that we never made it to the aquarium! We took the train from Yokosuka to Kamakura, and then transferred to the Enoden line. The walk to the island itself was nice. We passed a lot of little beach-style stores and restaurants. It honestly reminded me of some of the areas I’ve been to in San Diego.

Once you get to the island, the first thing you see is the Enoshima Island Spa. Since we had kids with us we weren’t able to enjoy the spa, but it is something I have put back on my to do list. The spa overlooks the beach and is just beautiful. An Enopass allows you admission to the gardens, observation tower, sea caves and, of course, the escalators, all for 1,000 yen.

Enoshima has several temples, and the escalators certainly make it easier, especially with kids. One of the shrines overlooks the water and is very peaceful. We stopped for snacks at one of the restaurants near the observation tower and had some amazing waffles. They offered so many different toppings it was hard to choose.

After a quick break we headed to the observation tower. The Enoshima observation tower has breathtaking views of the ocean. It has 2 different observation levels and also serves as a lighthouse for the area. It offers 360 degree views, and was just stunning. I could have spent hours up there watching the water and relaxing. On clear days you can see Mount Fuji from the tower. On the way down from the tower we walked through a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants selling snacks.

For someone like me who loves the water and enjoys the experience of being in Japan, Enoshima Island is a win/win. It’s a very easy day trip and offers a lot to do, or nothing to do, if you want to just sit on the beach.