Don't let Box Jellyfish season sting you

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Don't let Box Jellyfish season sting you

by: III Marine Expeditionary Force/Marine Corps Installations Pacific | .
U.S. Marine Corps | .
published: August 17, 2014

This is Box Jellyfish season. So if you are in or around the water please be careful. When available swim in netted areas, or use PPE, such as a wetsuit to prevent or lessen the effects of the sting. Deaths have been recorded in Okinawa.

If stung you should:

  • Leave the water immediately.
  • Do not rub the affected area.
  • Do not wash with freshwater. Instead apply vinegar to the affected are and remove any pieces of tentacles from the skin with something other than your fingers, such as ID card, credit card tweezers.
  • Cool off with ice or cold water and seek medical attention at the emergency room.

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