3rd MLG celebrates 56 years of service in Pacific

3rd MLG celebrates 56 years of service in Pacific

by Cpl. Adam B. Miller, III MEF/MCIPAC Consolidated Public Affairs Office
U.S. Marine Corps

CAMP KINSER, OKINAWA, Japan -- Marines and sailors gathered May 23 at Camp Kinser for a rainy and muddy field meet in celebration of 3rd Marine Logistics Group’s 56th anniversary.

The 3rd MLG started off as the 3rd Force Service Regiment following World War II. Later, the unit became the 3rd Force Service Support Group until 2005, when it was given its current designation. The 3rd MLG signifies enhanced logistical support capabilities across the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

“We’ve got a storied history here,” said Brig. Gen. Niel E. Nelson, the commanding general of 3rd MLG, III Marine Expeditionary Force. “The 3rd MLG has been working inside the Pacific for 56 years – we’re in every clime and every place.”

The mission of 3rd MLG is to provide responsive combat logistics support to III MEF and other Marine forces within the Asia-Pacific region by the most expeditious means possible to sustain supported units during exercises and contingencies.

“I can’t thank you enough for all the work that you’ve done and all you’ve accomplished,” said Nelson. “We just came off of seven straight exercises, finishing up with Balikatan, and now we’re going to take a break right after this field meet.”

Despite the rainy weather and muddy field, the day’s events went on to include a pancake breakfast, 5-kilometer run, two multi-unit physical training sessions followed by unit competitions. The competitions pitted the most physically fit Marines within the respective battalions and regiments of 3rd MLG against each other in events such as pugil stick bouts, tug-of-war, Humvee pull, tire flip and a functional fitness relay. The culminating event was the sergeant major versus commanding officer chariot race.

“With the rain, I think most of the Marines actually enjoyed it, getting muddy and wet,” said Col. Edward W. Bligh, the commanding officer of Combat Logistics Regiment 3, 3rd MLG, III MEF. “It’s a chance for the Marines to challenge each other and challenge themselves. We could’ve done a party, but Marines like to get dirty and compete with each other.”

At last year’s anniversary field meet, it was Combat Logistics Battalion 4 who took home the first place trophy and accompanied bragging rights. However, this year welcomed a new champion, CLR-3.

“I had all the company gunnery sergeants get together to pick the best Marines for the events,” said Sgt. Maj. Michael J. Hendges, the sergeant major of CLR-3, 3rd MLG, III MEF. “They put together some great teams and the Marines performed awesomely.”

The strength of the units comprising 3rd MLG was evident as the participants competed to the very end.

“Our Marines and sailors did extremely well,” said Bligh. “It was fun to see all the different units pull together as well as compete against each other. I don’t know that we’ll brag, but we’ll put the trophy in a spot where everyone will notice.”

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