5 easy tips for being productive at work

5 easy tips for being productive at work

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Okinawa

You walk into work, sit down at your desk and get started on your long list of tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. You glance over at your clock to notice the day is already halfway over. You decide to eat at your desk or skip lunch completely to save time. You haven’t gotten up in hours because you’re so focused on your to-do list. Next thing you know it’s time to leave for the day. You don’t realize how hungry, tired, thirsty and stiff you feel until you’re driving home. Does this sound familiar? If so, you need to kick this routine to the curb. Follow these simple tips to take better care of yourself while still being productive at work.

1. Fuel yourself for the day

Whatever you do, eat a nutritious, filling breakfast and take a proper lunch break! If you skip out on breakfast you will deplete the energy you need to get through the day. Try your best to take an actual lunch break by getting away from the desk. Meal prep a lunch you will look forward to eating instead of having a boring salad. Keep delicious and healthy snacks on hand such as nuts and fruits. Snacks are the perfect mid-morning and afternoon pick-me-up.

2. Get up and move

Sitting for more than six hours a day can make you 18% more likely to die from heart disease or diabetes. Set a reminder on your computer or phone to stretch and walk for at least a few minutes every hour. Most fitness watches have an hourly reminder feature to keep you moving. Make it simple by going down to the break room for a glass of water or taking a quick walk outside.

3. Stay hydrated

Invest in a 24-ounce water bottle and drink from it every hour. You can set reminders on your computer or mark your water bottle with times to help ease into this habit. Drinking water is vital to keep you feeling full and staying hydrated.

4. Let loose

To relieve neck pain, position your computer screen to match your natural gaze. For your back, ensuring your posture is in check is the best way to prevent tension. You can also try to keep your lower back muscles engaged by leaning slightly in front of your hips. If your elbows and wrists are bothering you try having your desk placed where they can comfortably hover.

Give your trouble spots mini massages throughout the day to loosen up. Taking the time to work these areas out will have you leaving work less tense than ever before.

5. Calmly collect yourself

Even if you absolutely love your job, there will be times you feel overwhelmed. Instead of letting it get the best of you, take some time to yourself. Take a coffee break, go outside and give a loved one a quick call, or sit in your car and listen to your favorite song. Do whatever you need to do to not let the stress get to you.

You don’t want to burn yourself out as time goes on. Once you start feeling exhausted from your job it will start to trickle into your personal life. Start taking better care of yourself while you’re at work. Your body and mind will thank you!

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