AEC awards USO Okinawa support for 51 years

AEC awards USO Okinawa support for 51 years

by Cindy Kirkman
USO Okinawa

Camp Foster, OKINAWA, Japan. A partnership forged for over 50 years, American Engineering Corporation (AEC) and USO Okinawa will continue work to enhance the lives of service members and their families in Okinawa. Scot Garner, General Manager of Construction for AEC, recently presented a Silver Sponsorship-level donation of $18,000 to Henry Hughes, USO Okinawa Area Operations Manager.

“AEC has always been a loyal supporter of the USO mission in Okinawa,” Hughes said. “This year, AEC has executed a construction project for our Indo-Pacific Office. This summer, AEC will support relocation projects at both USO Schwab and the USO Indo-Pacific office. Our mission of connectivity would not be possible without the help of this great organization!”

AEC is a U.S. General Contractor supporting the U.S. government with various requirements throughout Japan since 1964. It is an Okinawan based company with 650 employees providing services not only in Okinawa but also in Tokyo, Sagamihara Kanagawa, Misawa, Iwakuni, and Sasebo. This supporter provides many services including architectural, mechanical, and civil engineering. It also provides information technology services, air conditioning/refrigeration equipment systems, fire protection systems, electrical, telephone, and intrusion monitoring systems. These services provide U.S. military members and families the facilities, tools, and comforts to successfully execute their mission.

“American Engineering Corporation’s mission is to deliver unrivaled, high-quality service tailored to customers’ specific requirements to meet their desired goals,” Kenneth Exsterstein, CEO, states on the official AEC website. “We further our mission by leveraging innovation in process and technology in all aspects of our work for our customers. We are committed to the highest standards of service, reliability, safety, and cost containment in our industry.”

AEC funding benefits the centers directly in Okinawa by providing program supplies, snacks, and much more.

“Having a long-term partnership with American Engineering Corporation is so important to USO Okinawa,” Phil VanEtten, USO Okinawa Area Director said. “This long-term partnership brings us comfort knowing we can continue to perform our mission from year to year.  Whether times were good or bad, whether the economy was good or bad, or even during a pandemic; AEC is there to support the USO.  It just doesn’t get any better than that fact!  We cannot express our gratitude enough to this great company called AEC.” 

The leadership of AEC shows it dedication to the military even when it faces obstacles. Garner stated that current challenges are primarily related to the pandemic, worldwide raw material shortages, impacts of international transportation, and sudden cost impacts attributed to world events. Proper planning and understanding of these impacts allow AEC to continue to meet the requirements of the U.S. government.

AEC also performs requirements commercially throughout Japan, as well as participates in community support activities, such as Special Olympics, beach clean-ups, safe driving campaigns, and much more. AEC also supports several military organizations through donations annually that give back to our troops and families, such as U.S. Air Force First Sergeants Association Operation Warm Heart, the local Marine Corps Aviation Association, and the USMC MCCS Holiday Food Voucher program.

“AEC supports the USO as a means to be able to give back to our men, women, and families of the U.S. military who serve and sacrifice so much for our country,” Garner said. “AEC has seen how the USO goes beyond to make sure the USO is there, in every clime and place, for our men, women, and families of the U.S. military, working extraordinarily hard to keep military families connected and assisted where needed.

“The U.S. military is the best in the world, and they are always ready 24/7 to be called into harm’s way,” Garner said. “They are a force of readiness, meaning they can fight and meet the demands of assigned missions with a moment notice. AEC takes pride understanding our very minimal contribution to the U.S. military plays a part in the readiness of our military forces.”

For general information about USO events, click Okinawa.USO.Org.

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