AFN Airing Every Major League Baseball Team Over Two Days

AFN Airing Every Major League Baseball Team Over Two Days

by George A. Smith
American Forces Network (AFN) Broadcast Center

Baseball bliss is speeding toward the overseas military community like a 105-mile-per-hour fastball. Starting opening day, April 1, the American Forces Network (AFN) will air all 30 major league baseball teams in two days.

“This is an unprecedented year so why not do something unprecedented,” says AFN Sports programmer Willie Price. “With the way the Major League Baseball and March Madness College basketball schedules lined up this year, we were able to bring a touch of home to our viewers with 15 different baseball games.”

Price says the baseball promotional event started eleven years ago when AFN aired all 30 teams in eight days. This is the first year the network will air all the teams in only two days.

The baseball is spread out over four of AFN’s eight direct-to-home TV services: AFN|sports, AFN|sports2 and AFN|prime Atlantic and Pacific.

For particulars on all the games, AFN suggests viewers go to, use the drop down menu for the applicable time zone and search “baseball.”

Fans planning on recording games or getting up early to see them should keep in mind the schedule is subject to late changes because of COVID, the unpredictable nature of live sports and “flex feeds” from originating Stateside networks.

A "flex feed" allows Stateside networks to switch from a scheduled game to a different one if they judge it to be more interesting and competitive. This could result in unscheduled interruptions in a game, or coverage of the same game airing on more than one AFN TV service at the same time. AFN is contractually obligated to broadcasts games as received by originating networks, and does not independently initiate flex feeds. 

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