American Forces Network kicks Off new video transmission method

by Jo Bordeau
AFRTS Headquarters

American Forces Network successfully began its transition to high definition broadcasting signal, starting with U.S. Navy ships in the Pacific Region via its Direct-to-Sailor service.

This is the first phase of AFN’s transition from standard-definition to high-definition television programming for much of its worldwide audience.

“The transition to the new high definition signal has been a work in progress and something we’ve been promising our audience for some time,” said Col. Dave Honchul, AFN director. “We are always striving to offer our audience the best service possible. Our AFN viewing audience is finally getting the much anticipated and highly deserved upgrade.”

Honchul said that unlike services that will soon be available to viewers living on and off base worldwide, the DTS service is not in true HD, but the quality has been vastly improved.

“Our Pacific Sailors and Marines serving on ships now have a viewing experience that is much more dynamic, much sharper and much crisper in detail,” Honchul said. “It may not be true HD on the ships, but the difference from what they did have is tremendous. The feedback we’ve received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. The new signal quality is a hit.”

The transition to high definition for all regions is expected to be completed by mid-December. The transition for Direct-to-Home (DTH) and Satellite Network (SATNET) services in the Pacific Region is expected to begin Nov. 28. The transition for DTS, DTH and SATNET in the European Region is expected to be executed the first two weeks in December.

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