Ashley Horner comes to Okinawa for Camp Valor HIIT Workout

Ashley Horner comes to Okinawa for Camp Valor HIIT Workout

by Lance Cpl. Kelcey Seymour
U.S. Marine Corps

CAMP FOSTER, OKINAWA, Japan – Ashley Horner held a Camp Valor High Intensity Interval Training session for members of the military community Oct. 16 at Gunner’s Gym on Camp Foster.

The HIIT workout was in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to inspire men and women to feel empowered.

“I came out here to do Camp Valor to support domestic violence awareness month,” said Ashley Horner, HIIT trainer and hybrid athlete. “Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate men or women and whenever you train you really find that deeper connection within yourself. I believe that everyone needs to know how self-empowered they can be and to love themselves for who they are.”

All members of the Camp Foster community were welcome to the workout. The exercises ranged from buddy burpees to Spiderman planks. The hour-long workout pushed the participants, making them rely on each other for motivation and to help complete the partner exercises.

“It was really challenging and I really enjoyed it,” said Cpl. Marlena Cornell, a court reporter with Legal Services Support Sections, Marine Corps Installations Pacific. “When she first explained the exercises I was like, I’m in pretty good shape, I got this, but when she started it was tough. Having everyone around motivating me, made me push harder than if I was working out on my own. I liked the comradery that this workout brought.”

Empowerment, comes one step at a time. It takes work and at times a person may want to quit but with each step taken after reaching that point is another step to achieving self-empowerment.

“It’s guaranteed, that when you think you are going through a hard time, maybe it’s mental, maybe it’s physical, maybe it’s emotional that you just want to give up,” said Horner. “But if through those times when you think that you absolutely can’t go another day, can’t do another rep, can’t run another mile, if you hold on, if you just try to get maybe a half-mile, maybe reduce the weight on the bar to get a full repetition, those small steps will ultimately get you to your goal.”

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