Be smart, protect yourself when using social media

Be smart, protect yourself when using social media

by PMO/CID Section
MCB Camp Butler


In 2020, the Criminal Investigation Division has conducted multiple investigations regarding fraudulent use of information retrieved from victims via various social media websites. Most recently, suspects have used messenger on Facebook and Skype, to show themselves doing some form of a sexual act on camera. This has enticed the Service Members to do the same while the suspect is secretly recording them.

Subsequently, victims were contacted, via Facebook messenger by the suspect, and told to leave messenger and switch to Skype. Once the victim switches to Skype, the suspect and victim engage in visual “sexual acts”, and the suspect records the act unbeknownst to the victim. The suspect then requests money, and shows the victim a screen shot of his/her friends that they will send the video to if the victim doesn’t pay.  Historically, the suspects have sent out the video to the victim’s friends and family, before giving the victim a chance to make a payment. This is the suspect way of showing the victim they mean business, and to make the victim feel obligated to pay. NO MATTER HOW UNCOMFORTABLE IT IS, DON’T PAY!!


  • Do not add or accept friend/follower requests from people you don’t know.
  • Be vigilant of strangers connecting with you on social media and wanting to start a relationship of a sexual nature.
  • Solicitation through social media to obtain an “innocent” exchange of sexual acts is never as innocent as it may seem. Be smarter than that.
  • Do not send, accept, or exchange nude photographs with anyone over social media.
  • If you believe you may have been victimized, please report it to nearest PMO.

*** If you, or someone you know was a Victim of an extortion please report it to your nearest law enforcement agency ***

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