CLR-3 adds streamer, celebrates Corps’ birthday in February

by Okinawa Marine Staff
Okinawa Marine Staff

Lance Cpl. Daniel N. Meggerson places a streamer on Combat Logistics Regiment 3’s colors in recognition of its support of Operation Damayan. Marines with CLR-3 also celebrated the 238th Marine Corps’ Birthday on Feb. 7, after having to postpone the original date due to their efforts in support of Operation Damayan in the Republic of the Philippines during November 2013. The Marine Corps has used streamers since 1939 to show recognition to units for particular achievements and events. The streamers display where the unit has been and what significant operations and missions they were involved in throughout their history. Meggerson is an engineer equipment operator with CLR-3, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force.

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