Cob Webs and Broomsticks: Kadena set for Halloween fun

by Staff Sgt. Micaiah Anthony
Kadena Air Base

KADENA AIR BASE, Japan -- Come Oct. 31st the streets of base housing will be filled with zombies, witches, superheroes and other various costume clad children and adults all vying to fill their tummies with candy for Halloween.

All housing on Kadena Air Base – Stearly Heights, Sebille Manor, North Terrace, Terrace Heights, Marek Park, Jennings, Washington Heights, Clark Vista and Chibana housing – may be visited for trick-or-treating from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

In order to ensure more treats are enjoyed rather than tricks, defenders from the 18th SFS will take to the streets to keep trick-or-treaters safe.

“[Our defenders] will be out conducting additional walking/mobile patrols and interacting with the community. We hope to improve our overall community relations while protecting the installation,” said Master Sgt. David Izaguirre, 18th Security Forces Squadron flight operations superintendent. “Base residents who do not wish to participate in this event are asked to turn off outside lights and close their blinds so that trick-or-treaters will bypass your home.”

Members from the local community are also welcome to enjoy the festivities, however they must be escorted on base.

“[Status of Forces Agreement] sponsored ID cardholders aged 18 or older, Master Labor Contract employees, Indirect Hire Agreement and Mariners Contract employees may sponsor up to five personnel regardless of escort privileges,” Izaguirre added. “MLC, IHA and MC employees are authorized to enter the base through Gates one, two, and three from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m., regardless of their approved duty hours, but must be off the installation no later than 9 p.m.”

To ensure a safe Halloween for all, Staff Sgt. Kory Campbell, 18th Wing occupational safety apprentice, recommends guardians and trick-or-treaters take the appropriate safety precautions before they leave their homes.

“It’s important not to let your guard down when it comes to safety as there are many hazards that children and adults may face during this exciting time of the year,” Campbell said. “Planning a safe route of travel beforehand and while trick-or-treating will help keep kids safe. It’s also highly encouraged that parents have reflective material on their kids costume to make them more visible in the hours of darkness. If reflective material is not feasible, glow sticks or the use of flash lights will also be effective.”

Campbell also advises that all the candy received should be inspected by an adult before consumption and guardians should be on the lookout for unwrapped, homemade or suspicious looking candy.

Check out more tips below to ensure a safe and fun Halloween night.

- When traveling from house to house, use the sidewalk as there may be vehicles entering and exiting residential areas.

- Abstain from walking in grass or on uneven pavement in the hours of darkness to reduce the risk of tripping.

- Houses that do not have any lighting should be avoided for you and your children’s safety.

- Children should never enter homes without a trusted adult by their side.

- Children under 12 should trick-or-treat and cross streets with an adult.

- Children over the age of 12 should travel in groups of two or more.

- Wear well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes.

- Watch out for open flames and other heating sources.

- Look for costumes that are fire resistant in nature.

- If a costume comes with swords and knifes, ensure they are short soft and flexible.

- Always test face paint or makeup on small areas of skin before it is applied.

- Remember to remove face paint or makeup before bed as it could cause eye and skin irritations.

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