Hey, Sign up for Veteran Golfers Association's Pacific tourney

by Terry Davis
Veteran Golfers Association

The Veteran Golfers Association is offering tournament level competition, during March thru July of the calendar year.  We offer you integrity and respect for the game and maintaining your weekend golf group outing.  Match your skills with others across the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Korea, and Guam. We offer all levels:  A, B, C, D, and F Flights.

Eligibility:  If you are a veteran, someone in your family is currently serving, or have served in the armed forces ie.. Wife, Husband, Father, Mother, Grandma, Grandpa, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Nephew, and In-laws are welcome to compete.  Contact:  Mr. Terry Davis @ terry.davis@vgagolf.org or tmprose@gmail.com

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