His Motivation Never Stops

by Lance Cpl. Cameron Parks
U.S. Marine Corps

Motivation is the foundation of a good exercise. Lance Cpl. Stevie Harrison, a motor vehicle operator with Truck Company, Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division shows motivation from the motor pool to the Artillery Relocation Training Program 18-3 field exercise.

“It’s all about perspective and how you see everything that’s going on around you,” said Harrison a native of Aikens, South Carolina. “I look at life in a logical and creative way because you have to have an upbeat mood to be able to get something up and running, and a logical mindset to keep it functioning.”

His motivation can be shown through his positive mindset, willingness to do what is asked of him and his need to help others get the job done.

“Harrison is definitely the life of a group. No matter what kind of situation you put that man through, he’s always happy and always bringing the people around him up as well,” said Lance Cpl. Brandon Poole a motor vehicle operator with Truck Company, Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, and a native of Killeen, Texas.

Whether driving a seven-ton vehicle or posting security, Harrison always maintains his energetic attitude.

His motivation doesn’t fade as he steps off the motor pool into any environment that he is placed.

“He immediately took me by surprise when we got to our camp site. He started cover and concealment,” said Sgt. Alexandra Cuevas a warehouse clerk with 3rd Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment a native of San Jose, California. “As well as when he volunteered to sleep next to the Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun for the night, which no one ever wants to do.”

His dedication to improving himself has also impacted those around him. Many look up to Harrison as an example of what a Marine should be.

“Harrison is the kind of new Marine we need,” said Cuevas. “He is the embodiment of an outstanding lance corporal and I believe that he will be a great non-commissioned officer when he gets there.”

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