Impress your partner with a massage

Impress your partner with a massage

by Delilah Velez, Licensed Esthetician and Spa Therapist
Stripes Okinawa

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Not only can massage relieve tension and stress, it can also help with blood circulation, as well as minor aches and pains (from wearing heels all day for instance!). We all have that moment where our tired significant other comes home from a long day, and tosses their shoes off and jokingly wishes for a massage at that moment. Fear not, for with this simple DIY at home guide to the basic foot and back massage you will not only impress, but help de-stress! 

The first component to a spa-like massage is some lotion or oil. You can choose a simple body lotion that doesn’t contain too much scent and glides on easily. For extra hydration, you can opt for a sesame seed or coconut body body oil. For a foot massage, simply apply some lotion or oil onto the hands, and distribute evenly on the foot, carrying the product up to mid calve height. After the product is applied, massage away! You can start on the calves, massaging in circle-like motions with all four fingers, up and down. 

You can finish in this area with a large stroke from the top of the calve to the ankles, on each side, for about 5 passes. Once landing on the ankle, you can easily make a smooth transition to the foot, massaging as you search for the target area you would like to massage. 

The key to a quality massage is touch, so maintaining contact with your hands is important. A great trouble area that can usually use some massage relief on the foot is the “ball of the foot.” You can hold the foot in both hands, and using your thumbs you can “draw hearts” in this area, providing almost instant relief for tightness in this area. 

On the arch area, you can ball your hand into a fist, and massage the arch using your knuckles, for an ultimate deep pressure massage feeling. Repeat on both feet and you will have your significant other believing you are a true professional. 

For the back, you may use the same techniques. Since it is a wider workspace, however, you will have to use your space and make longer movements. Target areas for a back massage are usually the shoulders, and lower back. For the shoulders, you can rub both sides at the same time, or you two hands and work one side with both. Use slow, even strokes with the palms of your hands, fingers, and thumbs so that you do not injure your partner. Remember to never massage or push over the spine, as this can cause your partner some injury. Also, be sure to avoid bones and joints, and to work on a pressure that is comfortable for your partner. After the massage, the next step is to cool down the muscles. Use light, broad, and long strokes and lightly run over the areas you have massaged.

After following these basic techniques, you can rest assured that you can provide your partner with an amazing massage to help them feel relieved and relaxed.  So grab your partner, and indulge in an impromptu home mini spa treatment!

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