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Stripes Okinawa

Stars and Stripes and Stripes Japan are the best sources for military and local military community news, respectively. Stripes.com and Japan.Stripes.com.

The website of Japan Times, the country’s main full-fledged English daily newspaper, offers the traditional range of coverage – national and local news, sports, business, op-ed and entertainment. www.japantimes.co.jp.

Popular with the expat crowd in Tokyo, the online version of Metropolis magazine offers a wealth of info – from local fashion, sports and travel to music, the arts and feature articles. metropolis.co.jp/

This site enables users to find local restaurants according to general locale, cuisine or price. Results come with contact information, maps, average costs and details about the food and venue. gurunavi.com.
This site lets you explore a wide range of Japanese cuisine through pictures and simple explanations. Easy to follow recipes are also included. www.bento.com.

This site is the go-to platform for foreigners in Tokyo who share a love for Japanese food. www.tokyobyfood.com.

Operated by a naturalized Japanese citizen originally from the U.S., this site monitors legal, social and political issues that may be important. www.debito.org.

The perfect blog for someone located in Japan that wants to know where to go. Updated frequently, the site is full of beautiful photos and writing that is chock-full of info that has you in mind. Best of all, it’s written by a U.S. military spouse. www.travelswithnano.com.

A for-the-traveler, by-the-traveler website, this community travelogue is continuously updated with first-hand accounts and tips on sites, both popular and obscure, to see; adventures to be had; and even places to eat – all over the country. en.japantravel.com
This user-friendly site provides a comprehensive look at the country, complete with a list of destinations nationwide as well as maps, and enables browsing by specific interest. www.jnto.go.jp/eng/.

This site for skiing and snowboarding in Japan covers almost every aspect of getting to the slopes. www.snowjapan.com.

Focusing its gaze on Japan’s capital, this site offers word-of-mouth reviews to help readers discover cool and traditional spots they can’t find in travel guidebooks. The site is ideal for locating various interesting aspects of Tokyo life. www.sunnypages.jp.

A great site that covers a wide range of topics regarding Japan, especially learning the language. www.tofugu.com.

Provides details about museums, restaurants, historical sites and pop culture spots in the Tokyo area. www.timeout.jp/en/tokyo.

A convenient no-frills classifieds page largely for the Yokota community, the site enables users to browse, search by one of several different categories, or post about an item. www.yokotaads.com.

With more than 5,000 members, the Facebook page, “Yokota Swap Page” is a testament to its success. Competing Facebook page “New Yokota Swap” also tops 5,000 members. The “Yokosuka Resale” page also has an impressive 5,000+ membership, searching the name “Yokosuka resale” on Facebook will reveal at least two others. “Misawa Web Sale 2.0” is home to more than 4,000 members, while “Camp Foster Yard Sale” sports more than 2,800.

Okinawan sites
Call us biased, but Stripes Okinawa is the best sources for local restaurants, travel spots and everything Okinawa. Okinawa.Stripes.com.

With a host of regular contributors, this site is chock-full of info such users would want to know: off-base eatery reviews, on- and off-base school resources – including homeschooling – and an army of active forums and blogs. okinawahai.com.

Through featuring how-tos for local travel that range from taxis, car rentals and airport shuttles to driving, renting an apartment and buying housing, the site’s detailed travel and beach guides alone testify to its usefulness. www.okinawa-information.com
The site is geared towards tourists to the island, which makes it perfect for someone just arriving and planning on staying for a few years. www.beokinawa.com.

Courtesy of the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, this searchable, user-friendly site has a detailed destination guide and summaries of topics. Visitokinawa.jp.

This digital archive, compiled by Okinawa’s government, offers a wealth of info on all things Okinawa. www.pref.okinawa.jp/site/chijiko/kohokoryu/foreign/english/index.html.

On this website, you can enjoy photos and articles on tourist stops and activities on the island. okinawaclip.com/en
Information on morale, welfare, and recreation for each branch of service is available at www.mccsokinawa.com/, www.kadenafss.com/
www.navymwrokinawa.com/, www.toriimwr.com/.

Useful Apps

Stars and Stripes 
Get all of the U.S. military news you need on the device you use most. Enjoy a free preview of the front page top stories.

AFN-360 provides information such as weather, exchange rate, traffic, and gas price.

Hyperdia is a website and app, which can be used as a guide to any city/town/village in Japan. It’s available in English.

An app for those who like to eat. It’s an easy to use restaurant finder app that searches for places to eat in your area.

Helps you locate your favorite places, as well as provides information such as transportation schedules.

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