Kadena Library offers new eReaders

by Airman 1st Class John Linzmeier
18th Wing

KADENA AIR BASE, Japan -- The Kadena Air Base library recently received 10 new electronic reader tablets as part of an Air Force test program to evaluate the usage and demand for eReaders by Air Force members.

Each AERO U.S. Air Force eReader is preloaded with 200 titles from different genres such as science fiction, classics, business, history and books from the Chief of Staff reading list.

"The AERO is just one more tool we offer at the library," said William Niblick, 18th Force Support Squadron library director. "The real benefit is that they are lightweight, easy to use, they don't require an internet connection and the battery seems to last forever."

The tablet's design was influenced by the younger generations of Airmen, who grew up in the digital age; however, users don't have to be tech-savvy to use it. The simple interface can be learned within a few minutes.

"Our mission is to support Airmen and their families around the world through library facilities, resources and tools that enhance their quality of life and build resiliency," said Air Force Library Branch Chief Margie Buchanan. "When we learned what a positive impact the Navy had with their eReader we decided that it would be a great quality-of-life initiative to create one for Air Force personnel."

The arrival of the AERO eReaders has increased library's inventory of popular books without the need for additional staff, training or physical logistics.

Many of the included books were selected to cater to the Pilliars of Comprehensive Airmen fitness: mental, physical, social and spiritual health. Many other best sellers and entertaining reads are also included.

The AERO devices are available for a three-week checkout for active duty members. At the end of the three weeks, members can extend their rental.

For those who are looking for more than a free reading device, the library offers several other alternative reading platforms for check out such as audiobooks and web-based tablets. Thousands of other resources can be found in the found in the Air Force Digital Media Program, which provides free ebooks, music, magazines, movies, and more. Language learning, certified classes, tutoring and databases are also included in the library's online toolkit.

"I see people all the time spending lots of money on books and things that we provide over here for free," said Niblick. "We have an enormous amount of content over here. Whatever your interest is, we probably have information on it - unless its underwater-basket weaving - otherwise I'm sure we can help you out."

In order to keep up with a rapidly advancing digital age, the base library is embracing new ways to educate military families while still continuing the tradition of providing literature through ink and paper.

For more information on the eReaders or other programs the library has to offer, call 634-1502 or visit the library webpage.

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