Kadena senior airmen selected for promotion

by 18th Wing Public Affairs
Kadena Air Base

8/21/2015 - KADENA AIR BASE, Japan -- More than 370 promotion-eligible senior airmen on Kadena were selected to become staff sergeant following the Air Force Personnel Center's release Aug. 20.

Out of 39,260 eligible senior airmen, 13,269 were selected Air Force-wide, resulting in a selection rate of 33.8 percent.

Congratulations to the following senior airmen:

Scott D. Adkins, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jose L. Aguirre, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Alexandrialyn P. Alberto, 18th Communication Squadron
Guillermo W. Alcantar, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron  
Necita J. Aldan, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Kyle P. Althoff, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Joshua L. Anderson, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Paul C. Anderson, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jeremy R. Apiag, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Vahard A. Armand, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Robert S. Armour, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Ashley L. Arnold, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Emmanuel E. Arroyo, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Douglas A. Ash, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Matthew L. Ashley, 18th Munitions Squadron
Todd B. Bacon, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Terrell J. Bailey, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Eric T. Baldwin, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Rodney B. Banks, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Jonathan Baptiste, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Dennis L. Beasley, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Kristopher C. Beckwith, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Joshua M. Benoit, 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
Christopher E. Benson, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jeffrey W. Bergner, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Devrick A. Bethea, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Kyle J. Bettis, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Michael T. Black, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Macey A. Bonham, 18th Dental Squadron
Regina M. Boston, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Bryce A. Bowman, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jordan B. Boyd, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Matthew L. Boyle, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
William J. Brethauer, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Beau L. Bridges, 18th Munitions Squadron
Johny M. Brown, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Joel A. Browne, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Austin S. Bruce, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Andrew A. Bryan, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kaitlyn M. Bryant, 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
Wesley B. Bunch, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Aaron T. Burke, 18th Communications Squadron
Jonathan P. Bynes, 18th Communications Squadron
Jade M. Call, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Kevin R. Canales, 82nd Rescue Squadron
Caitlin A. Carson, 18th Munitions Squadron
Joseph H. Cascasan, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Nicholas J. Caudillo, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Allan B. Chandler, 18th Munitions Squadron
Ashlie N. Chapin, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Mitchell P. Chappelle, 18th Maintenance Group
Ryan V. Charpentier, 18th Maintenance Group
Edman Chavez, 18th Communications Squadron
Connor J. Chism, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Justin L. Clarke, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Larry K. Coffie, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Kenneth D. Colemancogdell, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Sarah A. Collins, 623rd Air Control Flight
Moises N. Colon Jr, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Colin J. Cooley, 18th Dental Squadron
Nicole A. Cooper, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Xavier F. Cordova, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Hugo E. Covarrubias, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
David G. Cox, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Logan Z. Crittenden, 18th Munitions Squadron
Jeffrey S. Cunningham, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Wendall C. Curry, 18th Comptroller Squadron
Tory V. Cusimano, Armed Forces Network Det. 11
Isiah E. Davis, 18th Force Support Squadron
Matthew L. Davis, 18th Maintenance Group
Dustin R. Dayvolt, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Bradley J. Debrick, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Matt T. Degraffenreid, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Mychal S. Denney, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Jarrod T. Dewan, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Dustin M. Dilaydela Cerna, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jacob K. Dixon, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Jonathan M. Domingo, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Kevin E. Doty, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Jarred S. Dover, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Alon T. Edwards, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Patrick J. Eichamer, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Brittany N. Eley, 18th Communications Squadron
Timothy A. Embury, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Bruce E. Ennis, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Derick S. Escalfulleryotero, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Gabriel A. Estes, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Dustin W. Eubanks, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jacob M. Evans, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Faizan H. Farooq, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Christopher N. Fernandezmartinez, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Scott B. Finan, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Charnay L. Fitzpatrick, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jacob T. Flanagan, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Brandon J. Foster, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Christopher M. Fountain, 18th Wing
Dennisraymund P. Franco, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Micah P. Franke, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Brianna J. French, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Jason G. Galang, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
David F. Garrick, 82nd Rescue Squadron
Katherine D. Gay, 18th Dental Squadron
Joshua J. Geissler, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Joshua E. Germano, 18th Communications Squadron
James W. Gibson, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Travis J. Gibson, 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
Grant C. Gilbert, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Nicholas Gillette, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Devon T. Goers, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Sean C. Gonzales, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jaime A. Gracias, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Tyler G. Graff, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Eliza C. Granados, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Joshua L. Granger, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Joshua R. Green, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Kyle R. Greene, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Deshaun A. Gregory, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jonathan C. Grooms, 353rd Special Operation Maintenance Squadron
Gonzalez Gutierrez, 18th Medical Operations Squadron
Aaron J. Hall, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Christopher B. Hall, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
John R. Hammons, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Courtney M. Harrah, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Gary J. Heisdorf, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Zachary M. Helms, 18th Munitions Squadron
Angelia Henderson, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Matthew S. Hensley, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Eric D. Herman, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Mark E. Hermann, 33rd Rescue Squadron
Charles Hernandez, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Christian H. Hernandez, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Danielle M. Herrick, 18th Force Support Squadron
Cameron D. Heyde, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Melissa M. Higa, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Brandon M. Hill, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Andre T. Hilton, 18th Maintenance Squadron
Eurshaun B. Hobson, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Jason J. Homenick, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Joshua P. Hrabowy, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jamie W. Hubbard, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Mark D. Hughes, 18th Dental Squadron
Anthony M. Intorre, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
John T. Jackson, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Kyler T. Jackson, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Lincoln H. Jackson, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Alexander Jenkins, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jordanregi Jenkins, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Levi D. Jenkins, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Terrence M. Jenkins, 353rd Special Operation Maintenance Squadron
Corey A. Jernigan, 18th Wing
Maurice A. Johnson, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Alexander Johnston, 353rd Special Operation Support Squadron
Collan A. Jonas, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Benjamin L. Jones, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Derek R. Jones, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Renan M. Jorge, 18th Dental Squadron
Benjamin D. Joseph, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Matthew R. Keeling, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Zachary A. Keith, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Louis R. Kelley, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Michael J. Kent, 18th Communications Squadron
Christopher Kersey, 33rd Rescue Squadron
Akifur R. Khan, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Coley Kicklighter, 18th Medical Operations Squadron
Jack A. Kiltz, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
John J. King, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Tashee M. King, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Erice L. Kinsey, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Rabin K. Kirkland, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Jenna L. Klatt, 18th Maintenance Squadron
Matthew B. Knice, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Dorothy M. Knox, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Scott P. Kolb, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jesse Kow, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Justin C. Krah, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Tim A. Kurilo, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
Christpher W. Lecomte, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Haley M. Lecomte, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Molly M. Lemmond, 18th Munitions Squadron
Logattrace Leonard, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Christopher M. Levens, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Kevin M. Lipman, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Nathaniel J. Littlehale, 18th Communications Squadron
Ralph K. Lloren, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Ahmad R. Long, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Anastasia K. Long, 18th Communications Squadron
Tanner W. Long, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Larry D. Longbrake, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Ruben A. Lopez, 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
Nathan E. Lotton, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Santiago E. Lozada, 18th Maintenance Squadron
Nicholas B. Mack, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Eugene J. Macomber, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Matthew Mansfield, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Ferdinand C. Manuel, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Matthew T. Mccabe, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Nicholas A. Mccants, 18th Maintenance Squadron
Audrey D. Mccleskey, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Brandon S. Mccown, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
James L. Mccullen, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Kelsey J. Mcdonnell, 18th Munitions Squadron
Clifford J. Mcelroy, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Colin I. Mcgrath, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Skyler R. Mcinnis, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Devin M. Mckeever, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Jo V. Melim, 33rd Rescue Squadron
Elizabeth T. Melton, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Nekeiah D. Melton, 18th Medical Operations Squadron
Raymundo I. Mendoza, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
David W. Mennen, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Garon E. Metcalf, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Reuben A. Meyer, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Michael P. Mimnagh, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Samantha Mitchell, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Brian J. Morelock, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Thomas B. Mosely, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Anneth P. Moses, 18th Medical Operatinos Squadron
Richard J. Mott, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Shelby J. Mouton, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Ryan C. Mullins, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Stephen R. Murphy, 718th Aircraft maintenance Squadron
Michael K. Murray, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
Dillon M. Myers, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Christen A. Nail, Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jason E. Nazarian, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Mitchell Nechamkin, 18th Aircraft maintenance Squadron
Grant M. Needham, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Joshua P. Neel, 18th Communications Squadron
Kara J. Newcomb, 623rd Air Control Flight
Hoang D. Nguyen, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Tom Nguyen, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Mico D. Nixon, 353rd Special Operations Squadron
Johnviktor A. Non, 18th Aircraft maintenance Squadron
Royrussell Ocfemia, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Peter B. Odonoghue, 353rd Special Operations maintenance Squadron
Matthew J. Olson, 18th Munitions Squadron
Soohwa S. Ono, 18th Dental Squadron
David J. Oreskovich, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Aaron A. Osborne, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
James D. Ott, 18th Logistic Readiness Squadron
Tyshaun D. Owens, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
James G. Panyan, 18th Logistic Readiness Squadron
Thomas A. Paterno, 18th Munitions Squadron
Codie A. Pazderak, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Alonso M. Perales, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Justin D. Perez, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Eduardo Perezcaban, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Steven D. Peterson, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Cuong M. Pham, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Darius K. Pierce, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Frank L. Pillar, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Denarius K. Pittman, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Place, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
Michael J. Pluhacek, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Robert A. Poulsen, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Logan M. Powers, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
Brandon S. Queen, 18th Munitions Squadron
Reyjee B. Quilla, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Joseph A. Ramos, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Mercedes L. Ramos, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Rankin, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Melinda Rasmussen, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Chantelle Ratcliff, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Derek A. Ray, 18th Maintenance Group
Jhodeci D. Redmon, 18th Maintenance Group
Hayden L. Reynolds, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Levi J. Reynolds, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Anthony S. Rhoads, 18th Maintenance Group
Eugene G. Rich, 18th Maintenance Group
David L. Richmond, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jacob J. Ricker, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jordan I. Rigor, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Andrew P. Rista, 390th Intelligence Squadron
David T. Roberts, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Jeremy G. Roberts, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Michael T. Roby, 18th Communications Squadron
Jesus C. Rodriguez, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Abraham G. Rojas, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Fabio D. Rojas, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Robert A. Rosemann, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Marc A. Roszyk, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Chance Rowland, 18th Communications Squadron
Blaise T. Ruff, 718 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jacob M. Runde, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Austen J. Russell, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Gerardo D. Salas, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Antonio Salgado, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Tyler A. Salmons, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Paul A. Sanchez, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Corey C. Schacht, 18th Communications Squadron
Adam D. Schaetzl, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Alexander Schmitt, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
Matthew D. Schouten, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Scott, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Dylan Seng, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Glenn A. Servantes, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Justin R. Shane, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Ian E. Shearman, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Atif H. Siddiqui, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Isaiah A. Sigler, 353rd Special Operations Support Squadron
Lakeshia R. Silas, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Dwayne A. Simpson, 18th Medical Support Squadron
Nathan T. Sinex, 18th Communications Squadron
Jared A. Slaton, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Anthony L. Smith, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Kelley J. Smith, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Riley W. Smith, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Victor Solis, 18th Dental Squadron
Kristian C. Spencer, 18th Munitions Squadron
Tiffany D. Speth, 18th Medical Operations Squadron
Nicholas Spitzkopf, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Genegregory J. Spok, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Ethan C. Staten, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Melany L. Stave, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Amanda J. Stinnett, 31st Rescue Squadron
Kenneth T. Stockman, 18th Communications Squadron
Nicholas H. Stokes, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Twila V. Stone, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Cassand Supernault, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Lowe Tadenacrowell, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Carl J. Tapang, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Michael J. Tasch, 18th Munitions Squadron
Richard W. Tato, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Shylor A. Terry, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Bret M. Thein, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Keaton D. Thiem, 320th Special Tactics Squadron
David S. Thompson, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron
Ethan J. Thompson, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Michael J. Tinoco, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Tipton, 18th Munitions Squadron
Clinton I. Todman, 18th Munitions Squadron
Grant W. Tompkins, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Jos Torressantiago, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Robert F. Traughber, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Brooke N. Trevino, 18th Dental Squadron
Michael E. Trusty, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Vaughn R. Turnbow, 18th Munitions Squadron
Sheyden M. Turner, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kenneth C. Upshur, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jose R. Valles, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Timothy C. Vanhulst, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Justin Vasquez, 353rd Special Operations Maintenance Squadron
Vincent R. Vendetta, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Miguel A. Verdiguel, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Michael A. Walker, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Brendon M. Walsh, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Jessica D. Walsh, 18th Operations Support Squadron
Pohan Wang, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Coleman N. Warner, 18th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Ian A. Watson, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Jonathan Weishuhn, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
David A. Wharton, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Camron R. Wheeler, 18th Logisitics Readiness Squadron
Carlaton D. White, 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Brian C. Widner, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Justin T. Wilcox, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Travis R. Wilkin, 718th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Marlin D. Williams, 18th Security Forces Squadron
Shadwick Williams, 718th Civil Engineer Squadron
Stephen T. Williams, 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
John P. Wilson, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron
Abigail M. Wood, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Brett D. Woodring, 18th Munitions Squadron
Aaron J. Woods, 18th Munitions Squadron
Jacob T. Worman, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Wright, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Derek B.C. Wu, 390th Intelligence Squadron
Adam M. Wyatt, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Robert J. Yenick, 18th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Ambar D. Zaldana, 18th Dental Squadron
Jessica Zamarripa, 18th Munitions Squadron

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