MCIPAC exercise Constant Vigilance - 15

by 1stLt Karoline Foote, Media Relations Officer
USMC, Okinawa

Marine Corps Installations Pacific (MCIPAC) bases in Okinawa, to include Camps Kinser, Foster, Courtney, Hansen, Schwab and Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, will be conducting the annual Installation Protection exercise known as Constant Vigilance across all Marine Corps facilities in Okinawa from 20-24 September 2015.  This regular training ensures that MCIPAC facilities and personnel are well equipped and trained to deal with a wide variety of scenarios, to include emergency, medical, security and terrorist response.

Our friends and neighbors, the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force 15th Brigade and Dr. Heli air ambulance service, are also participating in the training in order to build interoperability, further strengthen relationships and practice coordination to respond to crisis together. This exercise continues the work that has been done together at previous CV exercises, Okinawa Prefectural Disaster Exercises and the recent Churashima Rescue Exercise.

These types of annual exercises are required at every installation world-wide and are not specific to Japan or Okinawa. As responsible members of our community wherever Marines are located, it is necessary to prepare for potential crisis situations with our friends and neighbors before the crisis happens, as waiting until afterward is too late. This point was well illustrated in during Operation Tomodachi, in response to the triple earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in mainland Japan on March 11, 2011.

Those on or near Marine Corps bases should expect to see the following activities as a part of the exercise:

1. An increase in First Responder activity to include all Emergency Services: Fire, Police and Rescue.
2. Role players acting out protection related scenarios.
3. Vehicle searches at Gates and other elevated security measures.
4. An increased presence of armed guard patrols.
5. Helicopter flights.
6. Areas on base blocked off for training events.
7. Japanese Ground Self Defense Force personnel aboard Camp Courtney, Camp Foster and MCAS Futenma.
8. Potential minor delays in reaching destinations on base.
We appreciate our communities’ assistance in getting the word out about this exercise designed to enhance safety, as well as the patience and understanding of our valued friends and neighbors who live near Marine bases.

For more information, or to report concerns, please contact the Camp Foster Provost Marshal’s Office at 645-7441 (From Cell Phone, or off base 098-970-7441).  Media queries should be directed to MCIPAC Public Affairs at 645-7421 (From Cell Phone or off base 098-970-7421).

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