NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive kicks off in Okinawa

NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive kicks off in Okinawa

by Pfc Nicole Rogge, Marine Corps Installations Pacific
Stripes Okinawa

CAMP FOSTER, OKINAWA, Japan -- Camp Foster hosted the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Annual Active Duty Fund Drive kickoff Feb. 27 at the Ocean Breeze.

The NMCRS begins their fund drive every year with a kickoff to spread awareness about the month-long event. The fund drive helps raise money for the different NMCRS programs offered to Marines and sailors.

“We have a handful of programs like the visiting nurse program and the better for baby program,” said Elizabeth Moore, the director of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Okinawa. “All the donations help keep these programs afloat and they help to make sure there are funds available to service members when they are in need.”

The NMCRS in Okinawa raised $639,000 during the 2017 Active Duty Fund Drive. Volunteers helped 1,029 Marines and sailors through the multiple programs the NMCRS offers.

Since most of the donations come from junior Marines and sailors, it is up to leadership to get engaged and inform their Marines and sailors about the program, according to Moore.

“It’s sad when people come to us in real need because of a family emergency or they don’t have the money to pay certain bills,” said Master Sgt. Aaron Matura, the coordinator for the Active Duty Fund Drive. “That’s why this fund drive is important, because it’s money from the Department of Defense giving back to the Department of Defense.”

The NMCRS takes all donations made during the month-long event and gives it back to the service members in need.

According to Brig. Gen. Paul Rock Jr, the commanding general of Marine Corps Installations Pacific, Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Japan, Marines and sailors take care of their own. One way they do this is through the philanthropic act of donating to others. It is with the help and support of the military community that the Active Duty Fund Drive is a success.

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