Okinawan residents and U.S. Marines cleanup Ginowan

Okinawan residents and U.S. Marines cleanup Ginowan

by Lance Cpl. Samuel Brusseau
Stripes Okinawa

GINOWAN, OKINAWA, Japan – Members of the Okinawa Convention City Association and U.S. Marines joined together to clean up the Ginowan Convention Area June 19 on Okinawa, Japan.

The joint cleanup allowed the volunteers of both the U.S. Military and Okinawa residents to interact with one another while also working to keep the city of Ginowan clean.

“We want the people of Okinawa to understand we Marines are more than happy to help when it comes to the health of their home,” said Col. David Steele, the commanding officer for Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. “Marines do their best to leave the places they come to the same as they found it if not better.”

The cleanup was done as part of community outreach, collaborated by members of the Single Marine Program, the Okinawa Convention City Association, and U.S. Marines volunteering their time.

“Whenever we’re out in town the locals always treat us with respect,” said Cpl. Juan Day, a U.S. Marine assigned to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 3, Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. “It feels great to give that respect back in not just good behavior-but also helping out where we can.”

Volunteers picked up trash along the streets of Ginowan. Some of it stuffed in bushes, or hidden underneath sections of concrete or stone in the road.

“I find it awesome we get to be stationed here so far from home,” said Day. “A vast majority of people don’t get the chance to even see this part of the world so I guess I feel inclined to keep it clean.”

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