PCS Trash: Have a Plan

PCS Trash: Have a Plan

by Brittney T. Lytle
Kadena Environmental

Living on an island can be challenging. All the enchanting areas, beautiful oceans, and historical significance of Okinawa make it fun, but it can be hard to remember how small the island is. Many of the things we take for granted in the US are much harder to manage here. Recycling is crucial to our way of life and our international relations with the people of Okinawa. Landfill space on this island is scarce and the cost of our trash disposal is increasing. When PCS’ing this season, or in the future, have a disposal plan ready before your household goods are picked up, or consider taking bulk items with you if possible. Recycle what you can and remember that being a part of the recycling team means more than just separating recyclable materials, it means saving the environment—for us, and for generations to come. So please, do your part and join the recycling team. Lend a hand, reduce waste, reuse when possible, and recycle to protect our environment and the natural beauty of Okinawa.




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