Professional Military Knowledge Eligibility Exams now available online

Professional Military Knowledge Eligibility Exams now available online

by Ed Barker, Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) Public Affairs
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PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- The Navy announced detailed business rules for administration of the Professional Military Knowledge Eligibility Exam (PMK-EE) in NAVADMIN 313/18, released Dec. 20.

The Professional Military Knowledge (PMK) section of the Navy Wide Advancement Exams (NWAE) is transitioning to a stand-alone, once-per-paygrade electronically-delivered eligibility exam, currently accessible via MyNavy Portal (MNP) or Navy e-Learning (NeL).  A PMK-EE mobile application is also in development and is anticipated to be released in July, 2019.

The March 2019 E-4/5/6 Active Duty Cycle and the August 2019 E-4/5/6 Reserve Cycle will be the final NWAEs to use integrated PMK questions.  Subsequent cycle exams will consist exclusively of occupational questions.

“The PMK-EE was created as part of the Sailor 2025 and Rating Modernization efforts to provide a greater emphasis on PMK and to separate it from examinations on rating knowledge,” said Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) Command Master Chief Gregory Prichard.  “PMK-EE, which will only have to be completed once each paygrade, allows Sailors to concentrate exclusively on job-specific occupational knowledge while preparing for the NWAE.”

Active-duty and Reserve Component Sailors must successfully complete PMK-EE for the desired advancement paygrade (E-4/5/6/7) in order to be eligible to take the NWAE.   Additionally, the Sailor’s PMK-EE must be completed by the first day of the month in which the NWAE is administered.  

Sailors who advance through the Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP) are required to complete PMK-EE by the first day of MAP open season.  Additionally, Sailors who automatically advance to E-4 upon completion of an “A” school must successfully complete PMK-EE prior to advancement, starting 30 days after NAVADMIN announcement of a two-factor authentication mobile application or 1 September 2019, whichever occurs last.

To count for eligibility, PMK-EE for a Sailor’s next paygrade must be completed after the Sailor is selected for the preceding paygrade (for example, in order to complete the E-6 PMK-EE and have it count for eligibility, a Sailor must be selected for E-5).

Materials related to PMK-EE can be accessed using one of two methods:

Navy e-Learning ( Click on the Course Catalog tab.  Search for “PMK-EE” in the title column.  Enroll in the applicable PMK-EE.  Click on the ‘My Learning’ tab and launch the PMK-EE.

MyNavy Portal ( Click the Career and Life Events drop-down and select Advancement & Promotion.  Select Enlisted Advancement from the left column.  Click on the PMK-EE link to view the PMK-EE study material.  From the PMK-EE study material page, click on the “Click here to go to Navy e-Learning to take your PMK-EE” link at the top of the screen.

The course numbers in Navy e-Learning are:

  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-SM-1.0, PMK-EE Study Material
  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E4-1.0, PMK-EE for E4
  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E5-1.0, PMK-EE for E5
  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E6-1.0, PMK-EE for E6
  • NETPDC-PMK-EE-E7-1.0, PMK-EE for E7

For complete information about PMK-EE, refer to NAVADMINs 313/18 and 085/18.

The PMK-EE help desk can be reached by e-mail: or by phone: (850) 473-6014, DSN 753.

NETPDC’s mission is to provide products and services that enable and enhance education, training, career development, and personnel advancement throughout the Navy.  Primary elements of the command include the Voluntary Education (VOLED) Department, the Navy Advancement Center (NAC), and the Resources Management Department.

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