Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month -“I Will” Campaign

by Rushaunda A. Farmer

The month of April was Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  On April 6th and 20th, the Marine Corps Base Butler Installation Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Office hosted an “I Will” Campaign where community members, both Military and Civilian alike, were asked how they would support Survivors of Sexual Assault or assist in combatting Sexual Assault.  Those who participated in the campaign were asked to write how they personally could assist.  The messages were written on small chalkboards and then participants were photographed with their messages.   There were a wide variety of messages that were written such as “I will support victims”, “I will take a stand”, “I will protect my brothers and sisters in uniform”, and “I will remind her that it is not her fault-EVER.”

The campaign afforded members of the Installation SAPR team to promote the program and educate community members of the ongoing efforts to eradicate Sexual Assault from the military community.  More than 200 community members stopped to think about how they could assist in combatting an issue that plagues the military community.  Many of those who stopped stated that the effort was a great one and caused them to really think about the role that they could or would play if ever faced with such an opportunity.

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