Speakin’ Japanese: Emperor talk

Speakin’ Japanese: Emperor talk

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

“Otanjobi omedeto!” =  Happy birthday!
(“otanjobi” = birthday, “omedeto” = congratulations)

“Kokyo wa doko desuka?” =  Where is the Imperial Palace?
(“kokyo” = Imperial Palace, “.. wa doko desuka?” = where is ...?)

“Kokyo wa Tokyo ni arimasu.” = The palace is in Tokyo.
(“.. wa .. ni arimasu” = .. is in/at ..)

“Kyo wa Tenno-Tanjobi desu.” = Today is the Emperor’s Birthday.
(“kyo” = today, “,, wa .. desu” = .. is.., “Tenno” = Emperor)

“Nihon no shukujitsu no hitotsu desu.” = It is also a national holiday in Japan.
(“nihon no shukujitsu” = Japan’s national holiday, “wa .. no hitotsu desu” = it is one of the ..) 

“Anatano tanjobi wa itsu desuka?” = When is your birthday?
(“anatano” = your, “.. wa itsu desuka?” = when is ..?)

“Watashino tanjobi wa ____ desu.” = My birthday is ____.
(“watashino” = my)

“Tenno” = Emperor
“Kogo” = Empress
“Syukujitsu” = Holiday

Pronunciation key: “A” is short (like “ah”); “E” is short (like “get”); “I” is short (like “it”); “O” is long (like “old”); “U” is long (like “tube”); and “AI” is a long “I” (like “hike”). Most words are pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable, but “OU” is a long “O” with emphasis on that syllable.

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