Speakin’ Japanese: March Madness

Speakin’ Japanese: March Madness

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

The bracket is set, Cinderella is dressed and ready to go, and only time will tell when midnight will strike for the darlings of the dance. The madness might not be quite the same in Japan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress your buddies when you watch the games this year.

“Nekkyo no Sangatsu ga yatte kita!” = March Madness is here.
(“Nekkyo-no-Sangatsu” = March Madness, “ga yatte kita” = has come)

“Watshi no toonamento hyo wa owatta!” = My bracket is busted.
(“watashino” = my, “toonamento hyo” = bracket, “wa owatta” = has ended in fail)

“Anauma” = Cinderella
(“anauma” = dark horse)

“Juurokkyo” = Sweet 16.
(“-kkyo” = the strongest.., “juuroku” = 16)

“Hakkyo” = Elite 8

“Yonkyo” = Final 4

“Shuuryoo magiwa no shuuto” = Buzzer beater
(“shuuryoo magiwa” = just before the game end, “shuuto” = shot)

“Dyuuku daigaku ga kiraida.” = I hate Duke
(“Dyuuku daigaku” = Duke University, “ga kirai da” = I hate)

“Watashi ga yosousuru yonkyo wa…” = My Final 4 is …
(“Watashi ga yoousuru” = my predicting, “yonkyo” = final 4)

“Kanzasu wa kadai hyooka da.” = Kansas is overrated.
(“kadai hyooka” = overrated)

“Watshi ga ooenshite iru no wa …” = I’m rooting for …
(“ooenshite iru” = supporting)

“Bankuruwase ni nari sooda” = Upset alert
(“bankuruwase” = upset, “ni nari sooda” = looks like it’s happening)

“Nante shooto da!” = What a shot!
(“nante..da” = what a … is), “shooto” = shot)

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