USO Okinawa Staff Highlight: Alejandra “Ali” Kwiatkowski

USO Okinawa Staff Highlight: Alejandra “Ali” Kwiatkowski

by Tamara Owens, USO Foster Center Manager
Camp Courtney Outreach
Name: Alejandra “Ali” Kwiatkowski
Position/Title: Field Programs Manager
Time worked at USO: April 30, 2018 - Present
Center/Office location: USO Camp Foster/Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan
Tell Us About Them:
Ali’s contagious pleasant personality brings an array of sunshine to the center. She is always checking to make sure that our patrons are comfortable and fed when they visit the center. It is exceptionally difficult for Ali to go home in the evening without ensuring that the center is prepared to receive patrons throughout the night. Her selflessness is a contributing factor as to why our patrons return to the center. Additionally, she was excited to offer our monthly pasta Wednesdays program during the evening. She opted to do this to help ensure that meal options were available for service members during varied hours. We are so lucky to have Ali onboard as a team member of USO Camp Foster.
Fun Questions:
1. Why do you love working at the USO?
I love working at the USO because it’s the perfect blend of many wonderful things. I am excited to have the opportunity to give back and make a difference in a service member’s day, witnessing our volunteers give their best to the organization, and having the privilege to work next to extraordinary people – there’s no other place that could give me that kind of satisfaction.
2. What is your favorite memory of working at the USO?
My favorite memory at the USO thus far is when I delivered my first surprise Operation Birthday Cake. It was a quintessential USO moment; I witnessed first-hand how the USO connects service members to their families. Each time I send the pictures/videos to the loved ones they are always fill with joy to know that someone was able to make this a special day for their service member. This is a long-lasting memory that will never be forgotten.
Ali’s Featured Program: Please be sure to take advantage of our Operation Birthday Cake Program.  Remind your off-island family members that we accept birthday cake requests. The specifics of the program can be found at bottom of our web page at-

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