VIDEO | Speakin’ Japanese lesson: I love you, Mom.

VIDEO | Speakin’ Japanese lesson: I love you, Mom.

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Are you ready for Mother’s Day on May 10?
In this tough time, you may not get to spend the day with your mom in person, but I’m sure you’ll still figure out a way to send her a heartfelt “Thank You!” via electronic means.

Let's make it special with a Japanese phrase!

Today’s Japanese phrase is:

“Okaasan, daisuki desu” = I love you, mom.
("okaasan" = mother, "daisuki desu" = I love you)

Let's make your Mother’s Day greeting localized with this Japanese phrase, I'm sure your mom will be impressed.

There are a couple of more good Japanese phrases for Mother's Day greetings:

"Itsumo Arigato" = Thank you, always.
("Itsumo" = always, "arigato" = thank you)

"Haha-no-hi omedeto!” = Happy Mother's Day!
(“haha-no-hi” = Mother’s Day, “omedetoo” = happy/congratulations on)

Stay safe and have a great Mother's Day!

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