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The MCIPAC-MCB Butler, G-F, Environmental Affairs Branch will be sponsoring a local Post- Earth Day 2021 beach cleanup and volunteers are needed!
Date: Saturday, 15 May 2021
Place: Uruma City, unnamed Beach in front of Uruma Gelato and Teruma and Yonashiro Beach (about 300 m of beach)
Time: 1300-1600
Provided: Plastic bags, gloves, instructions (including segregation instruction)
Recommended for volunteers to bring: Water, sunscreen, sun protection, gloves (if you have very small or very large hands)
Please practice COVID-19 prevention (masks, social distancing) and beach safety
Contact: Stephan Lee, DSN 645-3404, 080-2752-5861, stephan.lee@usmc.mil if you are interested.

Here is additional information:

Description: The beach that was selected to be cleaned is generally used by fishermen. It is highly advised that you limit your litter collection to dry sandy beach areas, because fishermen are known to venture into the vegetated areas to relieve themselves. Areas with vegetation may also harbor harmful animals. The beaches that we will be cleaning are the beach in front of Teruma East Coast restaurant complex where Uruma Gelato is located, Teruma Beach, and Yonashiro Beach (please see the map). We plan to start north and move south. We will organize in the parking area for some direction and roll call, before we issue bags and head out to clean the beach. Recommend a group photo after the trash bags are collected, counted, and staged at a site for Uruma City collection on the following Friday.

Number of Volunteers: We may have up to 40 volunteers (includes estimated numbers from group participation requests)

COVID-19 Precautions: Please comply with the current 3MEF Leave and Liberty Guidance in Okinawa for COVID-19.

Safety: Be cautious when crossing the road. Cars may be travelling fast. Recognize water safety.

Time and Tide: 1300-1600, but we may end sooner depending upon the amount of trash available. 1300-1600 is when a low tide will occur

Trash segregation: Separate trash into separate bags for burnable, non-burnable, and hazardous materials (please see attachment for more details)

Directions: Please see the attachment. The example in the attachment is from Camp Foster Theater to Uruma Gelato. Attached photos are views from driving southward. Transportation is not provided. Carpooling is recommended.

Parking: When driving southward towards Uruma Gelato/Teruma East Coast restaurant complex, you will see a sign for Parking Lot A, followed by the Teruma East Coast restaurant complex, and a sign for Parking Lot B. Park in either parking lot, but Parking Lot A has easier beach access

Amenities: Teruma East Coast restaurant complex (https://uruma-ru.jp/2021/04/09/terumaeastcoast/) is relatively new. It has a BBQ restaurant and Uruma Gelato as well as other restaurants. This complex is across the street from the beach

Letters of Appreciation (LOA): Can be issued as long as letterhead is not required

Other: There are no showers. Parents are responsible for their children.

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