Wind turbine to serves Camp Foster the green energy

Wind turbine to serves Camp Foster the green energy

by Masaki Shinzato
Camp Foster

CAMP FOSTER - You may have noticed the wind turbine sitting on top of the hill next to Camp Foster’s Building 1, just next to the Westpac Inn.

This is one of the Marine Corps’ efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy spending.

As a form of renewable energy, this wind turbine serves a dual purpose by both providing Building 1 with a bit of green energy while standing as a symbol that demonstrates the Marines Corps’commitment to a more sustainable and efficient future.

Recently the contractor which sold this turbine visited Camp Foster to provide training to Base Facilities personnel on how to maintain and operate the wind turbine.

This training ensures the turbine will be around for many years and will continue to serve as one source of power to Building 1 as well as a symbol to the community that the Marine Corps is dedicated to a sustainable and efficient future.

Through renewable energy projects as well as other efficiency initiatives and your individual consumer participation, the Marine Corps can drive down utility spending.

For information on energy efficiency and renewable energies, visit or

You can also call the MCB Butler Energy office at 645-5118/7122.

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