5 reasons why you should use SchoolQuest’s™ scholarship finder!

5 reasons why you should use SchoolQuest’s™ scholarship finder!

by Susan Conolly, Military Child Education Coalition
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Getting accepted into college isn’t the only hurdle that prospective higher-education students face. Paying for college is a growing concern. Google “Student Debt Statistics” and you’ll find some pretty alarming numbers!  What if a student could attend a college or university without taking on a large amount of debt in the first place?  This is where SchoolQuest™ comes in!

The Military Child Education Coalition’s® (MCEC’s®)  SchoolQuest™ website initiative is here to help military-connected students clear this hurdle! Designed for college-bound high school students (and their parents) to search for undergraduate funding, SchoolQuest’s™ Scholarship Finder is ready and waiting.

Here are 5 reasons why you should check it out! . . .

College is Expensive!  (If you Google "Student Debt Statistics" as suggested above, you'll see just how much money can be involved.)

It’s FREE to Military-Connected High-School Students and members of MCEC's® Student 2 Student® program seeking undergraduate funding.

Searches result in a comprehensive list of reputable undergraduate scholarships.

Results are personalized to each student.

Powered by Reference Service Press (RSP) "the leading authority on scholarships", this service offers thousands of funding opportunities which represent billions of dollars!

How does it work?. . .

Students and/or parents set up a password protected account through a link under the “My SchoolQuest Account” section of SchoolQuest’s™ home page.  They then complete a brief questionnaire to determine various scholarship eligibilities resulting in a list of matches.  (A “Help me choose” link is available to those who need assistance in determining the best answers for their situation.)

While reviewing the list of matches, users are able to decide whether or not to save each one for future reference.  The entire results list is saved even after you log out so you can review the list at your convenience.

Remember that users have the option of getting one set of scholarship matches, printing them, and then editing the criteria in one or more areas in order to get a new set of matches. Our goal is to offer to you the greatest amount of funding opportunities available.

ALL awards are “portable funding” meaning they can be used at numerous colleges and universities.  RSP updates these programs on an ongoing basis, but at any one time there are 40,000 or more unique opportunities described!

As the saying goes, “There’s no time like the present”, so come on over to SchoolQuest™ to get started!  If you have questions, comments or corrections for the SchoolQuest™ web site we want to hear from you!  Please send an email to: SchoolQuest@MilitaryChild.org

*When researching how to pay for a college education, contacting the Financial Aid Offices of the schools you’re interested in attending is a good idea as well.  Read our blog “Financial Aid Questions – Ask Financial Aid Officers!” to learn more about this approach, and for a list of questions to ask!

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