Dear U.S. Marine Corps

Sophia Sokolowski, Lester Middle School
Sophia Sokolowski, Lester Middle School

Dear U.S. Marine Corps

by Hope Martin
Kadena High School, 12th grade

Dear US Marine Corps

Hello old friend, it’s been a while since we last spoke, but in two years time I will have to move on without you. You’ve been there for all 18 years of my life, and I just want to say… thank you! It was because of you that my mom and dad met, and I was born. It was because of you my mom and I met so many amazing people, and it was because of you that my family has grown so big over the years.

You are what made me who I am today: sweet, understanding, flexible, and socially awkward. You haven’t always been the nicest to me, since I’ve had to leave friendships, family, and homes behind, but you never once left my side. You were always there. Even when I went through my terrible middle school phase.

You knew that I always liked hanging out with my mom’s friends rather than other children, so you always gave her people who liked hanging with me too. I think you gave me issues with talking to people my own age, or people in general (besides my sisters) because you made me different, but I’ve gotten better over the years with your support. You are one of my best friends. We may not agree with some subjects, and I might have gotten mad at you in the past, but there will always be a place for you in my heart.

It’s crazy how much time has flown by, I can’t even believe it will be almost time to say goodbye. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to let you go, but I know this is a part of growing up. Will I be able to make friends without you? Will I be able to settle and be normal in two years? No, I don’t think I will, it’s not how you raised me. I may not be able to settle for a very long time, but I will always try to leave a little joy before I go to the next place.

I will not forget all of the fond memories we shared, and I’ll even cherish the sad ones. I am grateful for you, you have helped me in becoming the person I want to be. Until we meet again my dear friend.

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