District STEM Celebration of Outstanding Student Work and Future STEM Leaders

District STEM Celebration of Outstanding Student Work and Future STEM Leaders

by Sara Hill, Stearley Heights Elementary School
Stripes Okinawa

May 30th marked a day that many students from around the DODEA PAC South school district will not soon forget-District STEM Celebration. This spectacular event was organized by many minds, including fellow teachers, STEM Coordinators, Science Fair Chair people, and our district Science ISS’s. The groups that volunteered their time, knowledge, expertise, and equipment made the day one of learning and fun. The students themselves also put together science and engineering displays that won them the opportunity to experience the District STEM Celebration. Students from all grades primary through high school put forth great effort to explore the worlds of science and engineering that exists all around them. Classes from many schools were also given the opportunity to experience the STEM Celebration.

Students from Stearley Heights Elementary School on Kadena Air Force Base reflected on their experiences throughout the day:

“I learned that your taste is helped by your sense of smell. I liked the snakes and solar cars. I also learned that there is a robotics club in 6th grade. The Drill team was cool too.” C. Sheets

“I went to the science fair that was amazing. It was so fun and I loved it. My favorite part was looking at all the projects. My favorite project was a Poopy Spoon. I also liked the VR {Virtual Reality}. I wish I could do it again.” E. Davis

“Today I learned that there is much more to computers than you might think. By far the best part was the VR roller coaster. It was very fun.” E. Kessler

“I loved the virtual reality. I also learned that STEM is very important to the world. It helps us learn and experience the world around us. This is my second time in the Science Fair District. It is really an honor to be there. It is awesome to learn from other people and for them to teach us new things from their experience.” J. Giannoni

“Today was wonderful. I liked all the wonderful projects. I learned about solar powered cars. I liked all the science projects and inventions, like the pooper scooper and the cat skate park. I liked the snakes, the roller coaster, and the machines.” G. Exantus

“There were many amazing projects made by very smart students. I loved the VR and the snake station. I also liked the Drill Team. Their performance was very awesome and scary. I was glad there were many volunteers, otherwise the gym would be a mess.” J. Jones

“I think the best thing of today was everything. I had a great time. My most favorite was the Marine drills.” T. Seymour

“District was a great opportunity to go to. It was really fun walking around seeing other’s projects. Observing and touching snakes was really cool. The snakes felt very smooth and silky. I thought it was really cool when the Marine Drill team showed one of their drills.” A. Chambers

“Today was amazing for all the students and parents. Also many military workers came out from their offices to come and provide educational content for everyone. I also learned many things about machinery, virtual reality, and medical products. Today was fun to see everyone’s projects and present my project to others. I can say I’ll never forget this day.” L. Angulo

“The district was fun. My favorite part was when I got to touch a snake. One thing I wanted to do was Virtual Reality.” S. Buelow

“I had a great time at the District Science Fair. I liked the performance and watching the solar cars race. I learned how to do CPR and about gecko mouths and bacteria in homes.” J. Phillips

“One of my favorite parts of the science fair district was the drill when they flipped their guns back and forth. My second favorite part is when I went on the VR rollercoaster. Also I loved the part when we ate lunch.” J. Samson

“I learned that the crane has lots more parts to make it work, other than the steering wheel. The concrete machine is used to put concrete in low places like dams and high places like buildings.” N. Johnson

“On May 30th, I had taken a trip to the Risner Fitness Center. On my trip, we had done a science fair. We learned so much! We learned about how math is literally everywhere! You can’t get away from math. For example, a crane is operated by a computer and hydraulics (which use math). Not only did we learn, but we had tons of fun! We got to go look at other student’s projects. We also got chances to feel snakes, do virtual reality, turn on a light with play dough, go into star lab, learn about cranes and machines, learn about fire trucks, and touch dry ice bubbles. It was so much fun! I had a great time!” L. Hodgkinson

“My project was accepted in the DODEA District Science Fair. This was a very enjoyable day. I thought of it as a very big room of science and knowledge. Educated young learners from all around Okinawa brought their findings, displays, and knowledge to this exhilarating event. There were S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities for all grades and levels of learning. There was star lab, snakes, science activities, and a virtual reality machine. My personal favorites were looking around at other student’s displays and looking at the demonstration where carbon dioxide gas got trapped in a bubble. There were various other activities, like working with circuits and watching marines do drills. This was a wonderful experience for all who attended.” B. Buelow

“Today I went to district and it was amusing. When I walked into the room, I was flabbergasted. There were so many things to do. After I set up my board, I went to a center about recycling. It talked about the importance of recycling. Next, we went to cee a concrete machine and a crane. The people at the station showed us how the machines worked and explained what they did. Next, we went to V.R. It looked so fun. After that, we went to eat lunch. They I showed my board to people who came by. A little after, I went to go look around. Then, I got to touch a snake! The skin of the snake felt very bizarre. We also did squishy circuits. It was really fun. Sadly after that we had to go. I hope I can go to district next year.” R. Opielowski

“My experience of the district fair was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the VR. It was hard and I was not expecting it at all. I also learned about how cranes and concrete machines work. I learned about space and planets in the planetarium. It was quite cool. I also loved the marine people marching. It was uber cool. And that was one amazing experience.” R. Hodgkinson

Thank you to everyone who made today a wonderful and memorable day for the students.

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