Homes Sweet Homes

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Homes Sweet Homes

by Kairi Bonzo
Lester Middle School

I’ve been in many different places around the world, yet I don’t know where my heart truly lies in this world. I’ve made so many wonderful friends, and lost most of them. I don’t even know if they remember me after I left, or if they’re talking about me when I’m gone. To me, they’re like images of gods that will live forever, but to them, I bet I’m a temporary ketchup stain on a polo shirt to them. It’s hard to be a military child, with the smiles and tears, mixed emotions, the feeling of relief and despair at the same time. It can have pros- It could prove that you’re strong, cool, and get to explore more places, but it also has its setbacks, with leaving your beloved back at one of the many homes you’ve been to. Parents seem numb to the changes on the outside, but within the dense bark of the tree lies the vulnerable soft sap that’ll melt down when exposed.

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