I am from the fallen

I am from the fallen

by Tuana Turnbull
Humphreys West Elementary School 4th Grader

I am from the campsites,
From ranches and Disney World.
I am from the Gold Star under a hero’s watchful eye,
It smelled like the Home of the Brave.
I am from the fallen,
The warfighter whose respect and sacrifice I remember
As my own.

I am from the white and black,
From Nesli and Lyle.
I am from the honorable families
And the gatherings of remembrance,
From “Stay aware!” and “I love you.”
I am from the past
With a piano future
And ten songs on those ebony and ivory keys I can play myself.

I’m from the breeze and the pastel,
Bluebonnets and mountains.
From the memories lost to his courage,
To the jar used to keep my family.
Under my bed was a bugle spilling taps,
A gold star
To drift beneath my dreams.
I am from those moments –
Flashing before my dreams.
I see a leaf falling from the family tree.

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