Its Girl Scout Cookie Season for all the Girl Scouts here in Okinawa!

Its Girl Scout Cookie Season for all the Girl Scouts here in Okinawa!

by Shellii Roach
Camp Courtney Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts at Camps Courtney, Foster, Kinser and Kadena are busily preparing for Girl Scout Cookie Season! All your favorite cookies such as the Samoas and Thin Mints will soon be counted and sorted for cookie booth selling. This year Girl Scouts across the island have a combined amount of 2,463 cases of cookies to be sold this year. Each case has a dozen boxes of cookies – that amounts to 29,556 boxes of yummy goodness. Broken down by location: Camp Courtney & McT will have 6,874 boxes, Camp Foster will have 8,712 boxes, Kadena will have a whooping 13,680 boxes, and Camp Kinser will have 300 boxes of cookies to sell.

New this year is the Digital Cookie Program – which allows Girl Scout cookie lovers to order their favorite cookies online from their Girl Scout neighbor or friend! This is a great contactless option, in which you place your cookie order digitally using a Girl Scout’s personalized link. The Girl Scout would then organize your cookies and prepare for a door delivery.

Like everything else, cookie booth selling will look a bit different this year due to COVID. Masks will be mandatory and social distancing will be practiced. There will be a reduced number of Girl Scouts working their booths and you may find booths with clear protective barriers between the Girl Scouts and customers. Only adult volunteers will be handling cash money and there is an option to purchase cookies via credit card using a Mobile App. Lots of hand sanitizers will be stationed around the booths.

Girl Scouts have been preparing for cookie season learning about the cookies and the 5 skills of cookie selling: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. Afterall, it’s their business and they have to learn how to run it!

Starting Friday, February 12th Girl Scouts all over the island will begin their cookie booth selling at designated locations across Camp Courtney & McT, Kadena, and Camps Foster & Kinser. Girl Scouts will also have booths at Camps Hansen & Schwab Px so Marines and other military personnel will have an opportunity to buy their favorite cookies! Every weekend from February 12th to March 21st you can find the Girl Scouts wearing those sharp uniform vests at their cookie booth locations including your local Px, Food Court, and Shoppette. Cookies cost $5, and $6 for specialty cookies (Toffee-Tastics & Smores) both dollars and yen are accepted. We are also able to take credit cards this year using the Digital Cookie Mobile App. The Girl Scouts will be selling until they sellout so be sure to get them early! Many troops have also chosen to donate boxes of cookies to local organizations, or to ship cases of cookies to deployed troops. So, you may also choose to purchase for donation for their cause. And if you are a fan of the S’mores cookies this is the last year to buy them so be sure to stock up! Lastly, Girl Scouts are making goals and plans on how they will spend their hard-earned money. So, when you visit your local cookie booth, be sure to ask a smiling enthusiastic Girl Scout what their plans are after cookie season has ended.

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