KDHS celebrates Chinese New Year with Bob Hope students

KDHS celebrates Chinese New Year with Bob Hope students

by Stephen Black, KDHS senior
Kadena High School

Seeing different ages of students interacting with one another is always a highlight within the community. This past week students from Kadena High School visited Bob Hope Primary School to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  These students were part of the Asian Culture and Chinese classes at KDHS, and their purpose was to bring Chinese culture to the second graders at Bob Hope.

Michelle Singleton, the Asian Culture and Chinese teacher at KDHS, explained the importance of this event. “All of Asian culture is influenced by Chinese culture, and living in Asia, we wanted to give the elementary students an in depth, hands on experience as to what Chinese culture is all about,” she commented.

This hands-on experience was brought to the second graders in the form of six interactive stations, which each touched various aspects of Chinese culture. Every station was run by high school students who shared their knowledge and enthusiasm of Chinese culture with the kids. These stations also met many standards in learning, including literature, history, music, language, art, and even physical exercise.

The kids took particular interest in the calligraphy station, the picture station and the Zodiac skit station. Second grader Nuala Rollins enjoyed the calligraphy station the most, commenting that, “writing the Chinese characters with the high schoolers teaching us was the best part of the day.” The station taught participants how to create traditional Chinese characters in the form of calligraphy.

The picture station allowed kids to wear colorful lion headpieces. “Taking pictures with the lion head on was my favorite part of the day!” is what an excited Peter Waluk said after he channeled his inner lion while posing for a photo.

High school students brought the Chinese Zodiac story to life through an entertaining skit they performed. In the skit they told the story of the Zodiac while having the kids act along side with them. KDHS sophomore Gavin Huitt enjoyed teaching the kids the Zodiac story in a creative way. “Being able to connect with the kids made me feel like I was a little kid again.”

This event more than just celebrated the rich history of Chinese culture; it allowed high school students to come together with younger students, creating an environment unlike any other. Second grade teacher Jackie Ospina described the event as one that went beyond learning. “Letting little kids see high schoolers helping out is a great experience, they are their role models. I give much thanks to the high school students for what they did.”

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