Learn and teach English more effectively with the “English for the 21st Century Learner” series

Learn and teach English more effectively with the “English for the 21st Century Learner” series

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Are you a student or teacher of English looking for a unique learning system in order to finally learn realistic English?

EALCAFE is offering four e-books from its “English for the 21st Century Learner” series which lets its users learn English in a fun and quick way using current hot topics and conversation trends.

They also offer free online English lessons every Wednesday and Friday at 10 am through Facebook Live

“English for the 21st Century Learner” was created by Canadian English teacher Michael Lesser with teaching and linguistics degrees and 26 years of experience teaching English to students in places like Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia, Taiwan, Australia, and Korea. 

His decades of experience teaching EAL students directly helped create “English for the 21st Century Learner”, as he was able to gather critical feedback from real students on their learning preferences and also learn new and effective ways of teaching English as an Additional Language in today’s complex world.

The four volumes include topics on:

Volume 1 — Teaches learners about popular topics of today, such as online gaming, social media, travel, and soccer

Volume 2 — Exposes learners to popular social topics, such as dating, fashion, movies, and socialites

Volume 3 — A special edition that covers everything from soup to dessert, beverages, and more

Volume 4 — A special edition that focuses on air, water, and plastic pollution, climate change denial, and even activists like Greta Thunberg’s impact on the world

With English for the 21st Century Learner, you will finally learn realistic English that native speakers actually use and you can learn it or teach without having to sit through any boring and tedious reading, like most typical English books on the market.

To know more and find out about one of the most unique English learning tools on the ESL market, check out more from the links below.

Social Media links:

Website: www.ealcafe.com

Email: eslmichael@gmail.com

Instagram: @eal_cafe

YouTube: @eslmichael

Facebook: mikesealcafe

Kakao Talk: eslmichael


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