Local volleyball club makes an impact!

Local volleyball club makes an impact!

by Chloe Stevens
Kubasaki High School Student

Senior Shisa Volleyball Club, coached primarily by Mike Hogen, recently returned home from a trip to the Philippines and Taiwan. Shisa volleyball club is a nonprofit club to offer competitive volleyball year round to female girls at the middle and high school level.  While in the Philippines, Shisa was fortunate enough to stay at The Kids International Missionaries, created by Jeff Long that allows visitors to donate their time and get involved with the less fortunate.   Shisa competed in a total of ten matches; taking home seven wins playing against local Philippine teams to include international and private schools. 

Every moment Shisa was not on the court while in the Philippines, they were doing something to leave the less fortunate better off than before they arrived. The group participated in a "feeding", where they would hand out food to the children and families in need, clothes were also donated. Crystal Sieber explained, “This trip not only helped improve my volleyball skills, but also gave me an amazing travel experience, all while getting to really help out the local people. I loved every second of it.” Josie Daffin stated, "It was incredible how happy and grateful the kids were, even if we could only give them one t-shirt, they were so appreciative. It made the whole trip worthwhile."

Shisa also visited an elementary school, tutoring the students learning to read, and spent time reading to them. Several of the player's explained “The chance to sit down and be one-on-one with the kids was just amazing.” Later that week the Shisa club went to an orphanage where they sang songs and spent time playing with the children. Lastly the club visited Josie's Angels, a home for battered and abused girls which assists in giving the girls a better life. Josie's Angels sang songs to the team, as well as just hung out and enjoyed the company.   On the last few days of the trip, Shisa flew into Taiwan where they competed in a tournament hosted by Morrison Academy. Not only did Shisa win the tournament, they gained another life-long experience.

The Shisa club did an amazing job representing themselves as both volleyball players and caring individuals. The experience is one that anyone involved with will not soon forget.

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