Manual testing vs Automation testing

Manual testing vs Automation testing

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Software testing is consequential for the success of your app or website’s launch. You must subject your software to various tests, such as functionality, compatibility, and security testing. These tests will optimize your digital presence for your business to obtain more users and generate conversions and revenues. 

Speaking of software testing, two types of tests come to mind – manual and automatic testing. Both tests offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the pros and cons can help your mobile app or website outrank your competitors. It’s your responsibility as a developer to subject your app to manual or automation api testing services.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the process of assessing software manually; that is, humans carry out the testing. The human testers, called QA analysts, perform step-by-step testing without the help of test tools or scripts.

What is Automated Testing?

In contrast to manual testing, automated testing uses automation software, tools, and scripts to assess an app or website. 

Manual vs Automated Testing: What’s the Difference

The main difference between manual and automated tests is who or what carries out the testing. In manual testing, humans perform app testing. On the contrary, automated testing uses test scripts and tools to complete the test. 

Besides these main differences, you should also be aware of their pros and cons. In this way, you can better determine which type of testing you should use. 

Which Type of Testing is Better?

Software testing, be it manual or automated, is an essential step toward a successful app launch. Both testing options are reliable, but you should choose the most appropriate one for your software. When choosing between manual or automated testing, you should consider your budget, timeframe, and the unique needs of your project.

User-friendliness and Customer Experience

The main advantage of manual testing applies when testing user-friendliness and customer satisfaction. This is because data from the observation of QA analysts are representative of human app users. On the other hand, you cannot rely on the results of user-friendliness and customer experience automated tests. This is because automated testing does not employ humans for observation and testing.


When it comes to accuracy, automated testing is better than manual testing. It is less prone to error and more reliable because it uses automation tools, scripts, and software. In contrast, there is no guarantee that the test conducted by humans is 100% accurate because humans are prone to errors. 


Manual testing is time-consuming — QA analysts can take a significant amount of time testing software. Moreover, a manual test is more suitable if you only need to run tests once or twice. If you need to run tests multiple times, we recommend using automated testing instead. This type of testing takes less time and is much faster than manual testing. 


Manual testing requires you to find the best QA analysts to guarantee the reliability of the test. You should invest in human resources for this testing approach. On the other hand, you need to look for the best tools and software in automated testing. 

Testing Process

The step-by-step process in manual testing is purely manual. Humans do the entire process without the aid of test scripts and tools. In automated testing, however, testing the software is automated. Test codes and tools can even simulate real users to assess how users will receive and use your app.

Coverage of Test

Besides taking up much time, manual testing does not ensure that all tests will be performed and covered. It is challenging for human testers to complete the software testing process. This is not a problem with automated testing. Automation testing can do more tests than manual testing in less time. 


While automated testing has far more advantages than manual testing, it should not substitute for manual tests. You need to conduct both tests to ensure the overall quality of your software testing. 

Manual testing is more reliable when it comes to assessing the user-friendliness and experience of users when using your app. 

Likewise, manual tests are better at dealing with complex software tests. Automated testing is more practical in handling simpler and repetitive tests. Thus, manual and automated testing goes hand-in-hand.


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