My Japanese Little League Championship experience

My Japanese Little League Championship experience

by Julian Chuckrey, 10-year-old from Yokota Air Base
Stripes Okinawa
Hello. My name is Julian Chuckrey and I wrote this article to share my experiences at the 2018 Japanese Little League Championship with everyone.
On a hot, sunny Sunday, July 22nd, the Japanese Little League Championship was live in Ueda, Nagano. The temperature was very high on that day. I had to put on 2 layers of sunscreen, tie icepacks to my neck, and even poured water on my arms! My friends and I arrived at the stadium at the top of the third inning. The Kitasuna team was going against the Nagasaki team in the semi-finals.
Nagasaki was leading 2-1. Both teams defended well against each other. No teams scored any runs for the whole third inning! But in the fourth inning, Nagasaki became very aggressive and scored a run. My friends and I were all nervous because we were rooting for Kitasuna to win. But Kitasuna was down 3-1! Then, the sixth inning came. The final chance for Kitasuna to score runs and win! But it didn't happen. Kitasuna only scored a single run. The game ended 3-2 with a win for Nagasaki. We went to where the Kitasuna team gathered after the game and watched the coach give his speech. It was a very good speech! He mentioned the positive things about the game and what they could do better next time. After that, we went to a nearby park to play while we waited for the final game.
Forty-five minutes later we came back to the stadium to watch the championship and it was even hotter than before. It was about 34 degrees Celsius. It was so hot that the reporters were telling everyone to be careful not to get heatstroke, but we were prepared for the heat.
The game for Kawaguchi vs. Nagasaki started in an interesting way. Nagasaki defended well in the top of the first inning and they scored a run in the bottom of the first inning! But that wasn't enough to stop the Kawaguchi team from scoring two more runs in the third inning! After the third inning ended, we made it half way through the game and took a 10-minute break. After our break, the second half of the game started, and we were surprised on how Kawaguchi scored 17 runs in the top of the fourth inning. Then in the bottom of the fourth inning, Nagasaki scored just a single run. Then it seemed Nagasaki gave up after Kawaguchi scored four more runs in the fifth inning. At 23-2 Kawaguchi won the Little League Championship! Kawaguchi was very happy and beamed at each other in joy. My day at the Japanese Little League Championship was over a few hours later. The competition was all very thrilling and exciting to watch.
WHEN: Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 
WHAT: Japanese Little League Japan Region Tournament 
WHO: Teams from all over Japan 
WHERE: Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture 
WEATHER: SUNNY and HOT, 34ºC/93ºF 
Kawaguchi 23, Nagasaki Minami 2 (Ueda Little League Championships)

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