Okinawa Writing Rally

Okinawa Writing Rally

by Lester Middle School
Stripes Okinawa
Out of the dreams of two teachers, Valerie Roshong and Hilarie Meadows, flowered a powerful student-centered writing experience for middle school students. The third annual all-middle-school Writing Rally was held at Lester Middle School from 0900 to 1200 on Saturday,  April 22, 2017. Each middle school sent a team of six students to enjoy a morning of writing and peer review. The students registered and received a number, so their pieces of writing would be anonymous when rated. Once the two rounds of writing were completed, the students were given a copy of each piece of writing to rate, selecting their first, second, and third place choice for the best writing. This is one of the major strengths of this program, the students select the winning essays. Parents and other community members gathered together to celebrate the three winning students and support them while receiving their prizes.
The first place winner, for both rounds, was Chaunti Hatchett, representing Kadena Middle School
The second place winner, for both rounds, was Gavin Pierce, representing Ryuku Middle School
The third place winner, for both rounds, was Kourtney Beauvais, representing Lester Middle School
Congratulations to all participants and the three winning students.

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