Save big for next picnic

Save big for next picnic

by Kathy Milley
DeCA Corporate Communications

FORT LEE, Va. – Summer is here and spending time outdoors is high on the priority list. Enter the fresh-air, toes-in-the-grass, trees-in-the-breeze picnic. Mother Nature has provided the perfect atmosphere; your commissary can help you pack the perfect picnic.

“Packing that picnic basket full of delicious, creative foods found on the aisles of your commissary can be so stress-free that you can enjoy a picnic anytime,” said Tracie Russ, the Defense Commissary Agency’s director of sales. “You can put together a nutritious and tasty outdoor spread with almost no effort at all.”

Picnic foods should be quick, easy to prepare, pack and eat. Here are a few ideas straight from the aisles of your commissary:


• Breads, croissant, or pita

• Ready-made salads- pasta, potato, veggie, coleslaw

• Chicken or tuna salad for lettuce wraps

• Assorted cheeses – try a new variety or pick up a spreadable cheese for crackers or bread

• Order a party platter

• Cookies, brownies, doughnuts or muffins

• Large Italian bread and assorted deli meats and cheeses to make a shareable sandwich

Refrigeration aisle

• Flavored yogurt for fruit dips

• Flavored cream cheese for veggie dips

• Hummus and pretzels

• Boiled eggs


• Sliced apples with caramel dip

• Veggies & dip

• Melon or fruit tray

• Fruit kebabs with dip

• Whole fruit like apples, grapes, strawberries or clementines

• Sushi


• Pre-made hamburger patties and hot dogs for the grill

• Rotisserie chicken

• Shrimp with cocktail sauce

Grocery Aisles

• Chocolate

• Crackers

• Chips or popcorn

• Paper products and utensils

• Resealable bags and food storage containers

• Bottled water

• Water flavor enhancers

• Packaged juice drinks or tea

• Fruit snacks or trail mix

• Waffle cones to fill with fruit

• Peanut butter and tortillas for PB and banana roll ups

• Vienna sausage

• Pickles, olives or peppers

• S’mores fixings

• First aid items

• Sunscreen

• Insect repellant

• Citronella candles and lighter

• Bag of ice

Frozen Foods

• Frozen fruit – doubles as an ice pack for your cooler

• Chicken fingers

• Prepared whip cream for dipping fruit

• Thaw & serve pie

Patrons can save even more on some of these items under the commissary brand categories, where there are reduced prices on trash bags of various sizes, disposable bowls, foam and plastic plates, paper towels, bottled waters, shelf stable juices, water enhancers and powdered soft drinks, canned vegetables and shredded cheeses.

“The perfect picnic, whether you decide to get everything ready-made, put it together yourself or a combination of the two, is as close as your local commissary,” Russ said. “Then find a beautiful spot, spread out your blanket enjoy a stress-free afternoon.”

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