Stearley Heights and Kadena Elementary School Kindness Rally February 21

by Kate Kenderdine & Richard Wirsich
Stearley Heights and Kadena Elementary School

Stearley Heights & Kadena Elementary schools are excited to announce they will be holding their 4th Annual Kindness Rally on February 21, 2020 at Sports Field K-1 behind the Kadena Youth Center.

All students and staff from both schools will be participating in this great event celebrating friendship and community. The rally will feature the voices of over 1200 students and staff singing the song “Count on Me,” by Bruno Mars, taught by SHES Music Teacher, Mrs. Wendy Miller.

This rally is held annually in honor of The National Random Acts of Kindness Movement. Students and staff from both schools will walk to meet at the location to perform songs, a kindness proclamation, and a kindness themed cheer. The school principals of SHES and KES, Dr. Jennifer Sears, and Mr. David Burkett, will provide opening remarks. Counseling team Mrs. Jill Beard Archie, Dr. Jacqueline Winn, Ms. Angela Morrison, Mr. Richard Wirsich and parent liaison and counseling intern, Kate Kenderdine, are sponsoring and coordinating the kindness rally and many daily themed events. Each day of Kindness Week, starting February 18th, features a different fun activity with various lessons presented at both schools.

The children are creating Valentines to exchange with loved ones, as well as a continuous paperchain to feature notes of individual acts of kindness by the students. The colorful visual reminder stretches down the school corridors and serves to symbolically document all the kind acts students are engaged in. National Random Acts of Kindness Day is observed February 17th. All families are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Kindness Matters!

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