Stearley Heights Safety Club

Stearley Heights Safety Club

by Morgan Powers
Stripes Okinawa

Stearley Heights has many clubs, but one of my favorites and one of the most important is the Safety Club which helps the S.H.E.S. families safely get through traffic. I had the opportunity to interview students as they participated in this club. It was nice being there asking questions about what they do every day after school and I got some brilliant answers. The main focus of Safety Club is helping everyone and doing their part to create a good environment for the students and teachers.

This year Safety Club and Flag Club were combined to form one club. While there are different jobs, which include safety patrol, flag patrol and team leader, none of them are easy. You must be responsible if you want to join. Flag patrol must put the flag up every day before anyone comes to school, and then take it down once everyone is gone. The team leader is in charge of placement, positions, and jobs. There is a backup team leader which is in charge when the team leader is unavailable. 

What does everyone think about Safety Club? I got some great answers, but a couple of comments really stood out. “Safety Club is fun, and it always feels nice to help people be safe,” said S.H.E.S. student Carolina Bris-Bois. Club member Dixie Tyler explained the most important rule, “There is only one rule for taking the flag down, you can never, ever let the flag touch the ground.”

Mr. Fred Sieber, fourth grade teacher, retired marine, and head of the club, thinks that responsibility is one of the most important traits of being a member. I asked him why he sponsored the club. He replied that he did the club for two reasons, the first being that he wanted students to get to school safe, and second being to make sure the flag comes up and down every day. I also asked him what important skills he thought the students learn to which he replied, “They learn responsibility and timing, because if someone is late, it’s on you and everyone has to wait for you.”

As children of military families, students are no stranger to community service and the feelings that one gets from helping others. Mr. Sieber loves the club and so do all of the students. “Safety Club makes me feel good on the inside,” says S.H.E.S. student Cole Thomas. This club has some of the most important student jobs at Stearley Heights and I agree with Mr. Sieber, with great power comes great responsibility.

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