A Teenagers Thoughts and Feelings about Corona

A Teenagers Thoughts and Feelings about Corona

by Hazel Bell
Daegu Middle High School

The news of the outbreak started on a mere Wednesday on February 19th, it seemed like a simple, "Oh, we just need to be cautious. And be more clean."

But it soon began to spiral down-school was cancelled for the rest of the week, and then the following weeks-no school.

Everyone in Daegu is somewhat in a panic, but others seem to just be casual with their own lives. Recently, my mother has mentioned that the coronavirus (Covid-19) is now more deadlier than the flu, like other people have been arguing. Its, quite the strain.

I truly do miss seeing my friends in school, I dislike the idea and the very concept of waking up early to drag myself to school.

But seeing my friends always seemed to make it better in the sense that, these people were like me.

Teenagers trying to make their mark on the world.

Trying to do the best in school, or merely just being a jokester.

It still was fun.

Fun making hangout plans over the weekend with said friends and going out. But now it is very....iffy about going out to see friends.

You cannot gather in large groups, nor can you go off base into the community without risking the chance of catching the virus and worsening the spread in Daegu.

And now it is growing and spreading to other countries, the numbers rising and it is pushing so many teens to virtual schooling.

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