Tips for returning college students

Tips for returning college students

by Megan Waterhouse
Stripes Okinawa

Unfortunately, the sun is beginning to set on summer, which means one thing: back to school season. For those of you returning to college campuses for another year of intensive courses, there are a few things you should know.

There is an adjustment period: Though you have at least one year under your belt, there is always a period where you must give yourself time to settle in, an adjustment period of sorts. While you are excited to be back with your friends and into the swing of things, that feeling of homesickness begins to gnaw at you. Here’s the thing, homesickness is natural but lucky for you, it won’t last forever.

Find your study space: While studying on your couch and watching Netflix with your roommate may have worked for you in the past, as you level up so to speak in your major, that just won’t cut it anymore. Thus, it is important to find a study space where the environment motivates you to get work done and allows for a high level of focus. Once you find this space, only do work there. If you choose the desk in your dorm room, only do work at your desk. This will help your brain connect this spot with work and increase productivity.

Get involved again and try new things: I’m certain that you got this advice from several sources upon entering college for your freshman year, but it is important to keep involved all throughout your college experience. Sign up for new clubs, try out different restaurants or explore on -campus buildings you haven’t had classes in yet. Mixing it up will allow you to become more familiar with your environment and allows you to connect with people you may not have previously met.

Use your planner: I can’t stress this last tip enough! From sporting events to club meetings and courses of all kinds, there is a multitude of activities vying for your time and attention. You cannot physically remember every assignment and upcoming test. Trust me. Planners whether digital or physical are a sure-fire way to stay on top of your school work and never miss a meeting! Writing everything down has been so beneficial for me and has allowed me to get easy points in class simply by completing an assignment I otherwise would have completely forgotten about.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or fresh on campus, if you heed my warnings within these tips, you are sure to have a wonderful and productive school year!

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