‘Little Cactus’: Packs Big Flavor, Breath-taking View

‘Little Cactus’: Packs Big Flavor, Breath-taking View

by Christopher Dong
Stripes Okinawa

An Okinawan institution has opened the doors to a new location, serving up their island-famous bagels with a side of coffee and an ocean view. Little Cactus, a bar-styled takeout version of the venerable Cactus Eatrip Café, has all the trappings of its older brother – with half the wait time.

“Our goal is to give our customers enjoyment on the fly,” says owner Ryuta Katsumi, and what better place than the scenic Sunabe Seawall. Intimate service area, open sidewalk seating, and clear, uninhibited view of the ocean blue, Little Cactus is a perfect stopover for those wanting a quick bite, or looking to while away the day under the sun.

Many familiar with Cactus Eatrip, located just off the 58 in Ginowan, understand its dedication to providing a good shmear. Eatrip has taken the daily bagel to new psychedelic heights, with irresistible fillings, spreads, and hand-crafted rounds ranging from sweet Oreo to savory curry, all housed among neon walls and furniture, obscure stained-glass sculptures, tripping to a vibey, hypnotic soundtrack.

Like Cactus’s menu, Little’s specials combine all that is best in the bagel world, showcased in a neat package for eating on the go. Try their breakfast bagel, crunchy-melty cheese surrounding an egg baked right into the hole. Or perhaps the energy packed peanut butterchocolate-banana, a sweetly salty jumpstart to any day.

The hummus, egg, and avocado on everything was intensely satisfying. Served as smooth, fragrant layers sandwiched between a chewy, yet tenderly crisped bagel, the only possible match was an intensely aromatic coffee, dripped from Okinawa’s finest beans.

Young and old poured into Little Cactus recently on opening day, occupying the small shop inside and out. To have parking is a blessing for most stores on this tiny island, but an entire corner block? Unheard of – and Ryuta plans to make the most of the space. With Okinawa’s warmer season fast approaching, he hopes to organize outdoor live shows and events for all to enjoy. Of the many bands, DJs, and soloists that have played Cactus Eatrip, several are already vying for space in Little’s open-air venue.

Little Cactus
Hours: 9 a.m. until sunset.
Location: 15 Minato, Chatan, Nakagami District (southernmost end of Sunabe Seawall)

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