Aloha Restaurant not what you expect

Aloha Restaurant not what you expect

by Monette Eames
Okinawa Hai

When we moved away from the Camp McTureous area, I immediately knew I would be missing out on the Okinawan homestyle cooking of the wonderful neighborhood restaurants down the street.

But when we stopped by the area one day, I was surprised to see a new one—or maybe it was an old one that we just never noticed when we lived there. Anyway, we came across Aloha Restaurant and we were so happy we stopped by. Despite the name, do not expect lau-lau, kalua pork, or even barbecue that you would see at Hawaiian restaurants. It was a tad bit disappointing because that is what I was expecting. Expect Okinawan food—and lots of it!

When we ordered our sets, we were not expecting them to be so huge!  If you have ever been to Hawaii, food is a huge part of the culture and we can eat and eat and eat. And this is the restaurant where we did just that. In fact, after seeing the sets that were coming out, we had to cancel one of our orders before it came out because there was no way we would be able to touch the last order.

Each set comes with sashimi (raw fish), tsukemono, salad, mussel with a mayonnaise topping, soba, and finally, your main dish which seems enough for two people. Our family of six shared four sets and still had some leftover to take home. And for this we say, “Aloha!”

Directions:   From Camp McTureous, turn right out of the gate.  Keep driving through three traffic lights, and Aloha will be just after the third light on the left side of the road.  If you reach 75, you’ve gone too far.

Phone: 070-5411-2827

Hours: 11:00-9:00 pm

Payment: Yen

Okinawa Hai website

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