Awesome gift ideas! 5 handy Japanese kitchen gadgets

Awesome gift ideas! 5 handy Japanese kitchen gadgets

by Miyuki Yajima
Live Japan

Due to COVID, our time at home got longer and longer. Well, how about a gift to make that homelife a little more special? Step up, kitchen appliances!

Japanese kitchen appliances are a great choice for everyone, thanks to their good design and advanced features.

(*Prices are applicable to products bought from BicCamera, include tax and are correct as of December 2021.)

Twinbird’s SP-4137W Food Steamer: Great for Home Cooks! Makes Cooking Healthy Food Quick and Easy (4,480 yen)

Twinbird is a kitchen appliance lifestyle brand headquartered in Niigata Prefecture in the world-renowned town of Tsubame-Sanjo, famed for its manufacturing. With its motto of ‘Only Products That Touch the Heart,’ Twinbird makes valuable products that are highly functional, with designs that are unaffected by trends, able to withstand the test of time.

Allow us to introduce the Twinbird steamer, enabling the user to cook nutritious, healthy meals easily. The steamer has two levels for cooking both main and side dishes simultaneously, making it quick and convenient. There is a timer that goes up to 60 minutes, so longer, complex dishes can be made, too.

The steamer works best with Western, Japanese, and Chinese foods, and there is a recipe book included, containing 50 different recipes for foods from vegetables to meat, fish to desserts. With this handy recipe book, no more worrying that they’ll think ‘I got it as a gift but don’t know how to use it’ or ‘thinking of recipes is so difficult’- the receiver will be sure to put the steamer to good use.

As consumers have become more health-conscious, more people have sought healthier meals in the past couple of years. Many have started to cook for themselves due to the restrictions on going out and the closure and shortened opening hours of restaurants.

For those concerned about COVID weight gain, through to those who want to start a diet, we recommend ‘steaming.’ Using a food steamer allows you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients with less oil and seasonings.

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Coffee Maker Black CM-D457B (Fully Automatic/Mill Included) TWINBIRD: Recreate a Professional Taste! The Ultimate Coffee Maker to Enjoy Every Cup from the Comfort of Your Home (42,780 yen)

And it is not just any coffee maker. Developed under the supervision of legendary coffee roaster Mamoru Taguchi, Japan’s top expert on home-roasting, this machine reproduces a cup of hand drip coffee as if it were poured in a specialty coffee shop.

It does this by precisely controlling points such as the amount of beans, grind size, amount of water, water temperature, brewing time, and even the dripper height. With everything done automatically, you can relax and enjoy a real cup of coffee.

The gap between the water and the dripper is deliberately set at 2cm, so you can watch as the coffee is brewed. As the ground beans drop into the dripper, how the coffee expands when the water is poured, the sound and smell of the brewing process; the coffee-making process becomes a feast for the senses.

You can change the grind size in three ways: coarse, medium, or fine. The water temperature has two settings: 83℃ and 90℃, so depending on the combinations, you can change the flavor of the coffee to suit your mood that day. The Twinbird Coffee Maker will make a great gift for anyone who likes coffee.

Lately, even in Japan, since time spent at home has become longer, goods to suit a chillout space have become popular. For adults, it has to be coffee.

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IRIS OHYAMA TY-20WA-R Takoyaki 2WAY Plate: Expand Your Culinary Repertoire! (2,880 yen)

Iris Ohyama was established in 1958, in a town factory for plastic processing, before moving into garden and pet supplies, storage, and home appliances. They develop various innovative lifestyle products and have made a name for themselves in the home appliance field, thanks to their goods always being designed with the customer in mind.

We recommend the ‘Takoyaki Maker, 2WAY plate.’ Available at a very reasonable price and with both a special takoyaki plate and a flat hot plate, this Takoyaki Maker can be used to make foods such as yakiniku, pancakes - great for everyday use. Thanks to its non-stick coating and stylish design, it is easy to clean.

Since COVID began in 2020, in Japan, hot plate cooking has become very popular indeed. So much that ‘Hot Plate Meals’ even won the 2020 top trend award on a major Japanese website. Many people are reevaluating the idea of: ‘by preparing the ingredients, you can eat hot food as it cooks!’ resulting in a popular product. For use with family or even alone, this kitchen appliance suits all.

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IRIS OHYAMA Steam Oven Toaster BLSOT-011-B: Make Incredible Toast (4,920 yen)

From the offset, this Iris Ohyama toaster looks stylish, with a cool, simple design that will fit into any kitchen. A design that never gets old and a color that minimizes marks makes this a great everyday item.

There is a small steam compartment in the top, for making that perfect toast - crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It also comes with a convenient tray for cooking food other than bread, an easy-to-clean crumb tray, and can toast two slices of bread at once.

Lately across Japan, rather than only grilling or heating up the toast, toasters that make delicious, real toast has become popular. Rather than complicating the process by including features that consumers will never use, the Iris Ohyama brand focuses on keeping the price down and creating great, functional products that simply do the job they were made for: toasting delicious bread. Perfect for people who think, ‘I just want a good toaster.’

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IRIS OHYAMA Electric Pressure Cooker 2.2L Black KPC-MA2-B: Quick and Hassle-Free Pressure Cooking to Taste like a Top-Class Pro (13,410 yen)

For those who want to cook more and don’t want to think of a new recipe every day, but want to try creating restaurant-like food at home - allow us to introduce the ‘Electric Pressure Cooker.’ Fashionable and compact, get ready to change the way you see pressure cookers.

Nowadays, the pressure cooker trend has moved from gas to electric. Even for those who held off using gas cookers, finding them hard to care for, to use, or the heat difficult to control, worry no more. With electric cookers, you can leave everything to the settings, making them safe, reliable, and easy to use.

Coming with 65 different built-in recipes, the Iris Ohyama pressure cooker is effortless. Just select a recipe from the LCD display, pop the ingredients in and leave it to do its thing! The failsafe formula means that anyone can create great, authentic food easily. A recipe book is also included for peace of mind.

In fact, this is not just a pressure cooker, but it functions two ways, as a grill too. Users can enjoy one-pot dishes and even cheese-fondue without using a gas stove. During wintertime is when everyone longs for a warm Japanese hot-pot, so if this is gifted, it’ll surely come in handy all year round.

Also available from Iris Ohyama is the 4.0L electric pressure cooker (Black KPC-MA4-B) with 80 automatic menus and six manual menus (15,960 yen).

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We have carefully selected highly functional, well-designed, and cost-effective Japanese products from BicCamera's generous range of home appliances. Once, when it was the norm to give fashion products and gourmet foods, now we see an era when spending time at home has become more common, so the need for home appliances that enrich our lives is growing.

In fact, time spent choosing a present is fun, too. Give to family, friends, lovers, even colleagues to show your appreciation for everything they do. This year, why not say thanks by gifting a home appliance?


Via Live Japan

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