Bite into a juicy burger at Toto La Bebe Hamburger

Bite into a juicy burger at Toto La Bebe Hamburger

by Lancee Nansen

I love burgers. During my last pregnancy I consumed an ridiculous amount of Five Guys, and right in the middle of my nine-month journey we came to Okinawa. After arriving and not satisfying my craving (without having to do a lot of prep work myself), I started searching for the best burger joint. I found a few candidates and thought, yeah, okay, I’ll try it, but only after finding a blog by Mike at Mike’s Ryuku Gallery did I commit to try one. I happened to see some of his history information, and got to browsing. That’s when I found it: a picture of the Burger. He mentions his experiences there and said not only is it the best burger in Okinawa, but it’s the best in the world.

A year after finding this brilliant post, my husband and I took our four kids up to Motobu to try it out. Toto La Bebe Hamburger is a little off the beaten path, but not so difficult you can’t find it if you are headed up to the aquarium or Pineapple Park. It was everything Mike promised, juicy, delicious and HUGE! The thick cut bacon is smoked over cherry wood chips; the avocado is brilliant in color and perfectly fresh. They make their buns every day, and because it’s what they specialize in, they do it right. They have eight burgers on the menu with “potato.” The fries are wedge-style, which normally, I’m no fan, but they make them crispy, golden and sprinkled with salt and pepper. They taste amazing!

My family inhaled the food. My husband and I both had the Avocado Burger with Bacon. We ordered the Bacon Burger for two of our children to share (which was a perfect size for them) and a Child’s Burger for our two littlest to share; again, perfect size.
While I forgot to take a picture of the menu while we were there, map it Okinawa does have one. Parking is also ample, either across the street or just down a few doors.

The atmosphere is calm, cool and quiet. They have varied styles of seating, and it’s not for large parties. Our family of six (with all kids ages seven and under) fit at the largest table. There aren’t any high chairs, but with different styles of seating, something is bound to work for your family. They have couches, traditional Japanese tables and traditional American tables. There isn’t a view; this restaurant is purely about the food, and worth going if you love burgers, simple and flavorful.

The communication is easy if you keep to the menu, but slightly difficult if you want to alter your order in any way. They were so wonderful and kind, and allowed us to add bacon to the burger, with an added charge of course. As far as prices go, they are pretty great in our opinion. The child’s burger, with “potato” is only 600 yen, while the most expensive burger is 980 yen with “potato”. They also take 100 yen off your drink if you order a burger, so 200 yen for a soda is reasonable.

This restaurant, while a pretty good drive away, is absolutely worth the visit, multiple visits in our family’s case. If you love a good burger, this is a must try!

Payment: Yen only

Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Phone: 098-047-5400 website

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